What does ῥήματος mean in the Greek?

Parse: Noun, Genitive Neuter Singular
Root: G4487 (ῥῆμα)
Sense: that which is or has been uttered by the living voice, thing spoken, word (more info)

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How ῥήματος is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
word 3
saying 2
[the] word 1

Verses with ῥήματος

Acts 11:16
I remembered then the word of the Lord how He had said John indeed baptized with water you however will be baptized with [the] Spirit Holy
Luke 2:17
Having seen now they proclaimed abroad concerning the saying - having been told them Child this
Luke 20:26
And not they were able to catch Him in His word before the people having marveled at the answer of Him they became silent
Luke 9:45
- But they understand not the saying this and it was veiled from them that not they should understand it they were afraid to ask Him concerning the saying this
Matthew 26:75
And remembered - Peter the word of Jesus He having said - Before [the] rooster crowing three times you will deny Me having gone out he wept bitterly
Romans 10:17
So - faith [is] from hearing and hearing through [the] word of Christ
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Romans 10:17 By the word of Christ [δια ρηματος Χριστου]
“By the word about Christ” (objective genitive). [source]