What does ὅπου mean in the Greek?

Parse: Adverb
Root: G3699 (ὅπου)
Sense: where, whereas (more info)

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How ὅπου is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
where 61
wherever 9
on which 1
to wherever 1
whenever 1
for wherever 1
to where 1
to the place 1
where [are] 1
whereas 1

Verses with ὅπου

Colossians 3:11
where not there is Greek and Jew circumcision uncircumcision Barbarian Scythian slave free but - all in all Christ [is]
Acts 17:1
Having passed through then - Amphipolis and Apollonia they came to Thessalonica where was a synagogue of the Jews
Acts 20:6
We then sailed away after the days of the Unleavened Bread from Philippi and we came to them at - Troas within days five where we stayed seven
Luke 12:33
Sell the possessions of you and give alms make to yourselves purses not growing old a treasure unfailing in the heavens where thief not does draw near nor moth destroy
Luke 12:34
Where for is the treasure of you there also the heart will be
Luke 17:37
And answering they say to Him Where Lord - And He said to them Where the body [is] there also the vultures will be gathered together
Luke 22:11
and you shall say to the master of the house Says to you the Teacher Where is the guest room where the Passover with the disciples of Me I may eat
Luke 9:57
And going of them along the road said someone to Him I will follow You wherever if You may go
Mark 13:14
When then you see the abomination of the desolation which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing where not it should the [one] reading let him understand then those in - Judea let them flee to the mountains
Mark 14:9
Truly now I say to you wherever if shall be proclaimed the gospel in whole the world also what has done this [woman] will be spoken of for a memorial of her
Mark 14:14
And wherever if he might enter say to the master of the house that the Teacher says Where is the guest room of Me where the Passover with the disciples I may eat
Mark 16:6
- And he says to them Not be amazed Jesus you seek the Nazarene the [One] having been crucified He is risen Not He is here Behold the place where they laid Him
Mark 2:4
And not being able to come near to Him on account of the crowd they removed the roof where He was having broken up [it] they let down pallet on which the paralytic was lying
Mark 4:5
And other fell upon the rocky place and where not it had soil much immediately it sprang up because of not having depth of soil
Mark 4:15
These now are they along the road where is sown the word and when they hear immediately comes - Satan takes away the word - having been sown in them
Mark 5:40
And they were laughing at Him He then having put out all takes with [Him] the father of the child the mother those with enters in where was the child
Mark 6:10
And He would say to them Wherever if you enter into a house there remain until - you go out from there
Mark 6:55
they ran around all the country that and they began on the mats those sick being to carry about to wherever they were hearing that He is
Mark 6:56
And wherever - He entered into villages or cities fields in the marketplaces they were laying the ailing were begging Him that only the fringe clothing of Him they might touch as many as touched Him were being healed
Mark 9:18
and whenever if him it seizes it throws down him he foams gnashes - his teeth is withering away I spoke to the disciples of You that it they might cast out not they had power
Mark 9:48
where the worm of them not dies and the fire is quenched
Matthew 13:5
Other now fell upon the rocky places where not it had soil much and immediately it sprang up through - not having depth of soil
Matthew 24:28
For wherever if may be the carcass there will be gathered the vultures
Matthew 25:24
Having come then also the [one] the one talent having received he said Master I knew you that hard you are a man reaping where not you did sow and gathering from where not you did scatter
Matthew 25:26
Answering now the master of him said to him Wicked servant and lazy You knew that I reap where not I sowed gather from where not I scattered
Matthew 26:13
Truly I say to you wherever if shall be proclaimed the gospel this in all the world will be spoken of also that which did this [woman] for a memorial of her
Matthew 26:57
Those then having seized - Jesus led [Him] away to Caiaphas the high priest where the scribes and elders were assembled
Matthew 28:6
Not He is here He is risen for as He said Come see the place where He was lying
Matthew 6:19
Not store up for yourselves treasures upon the earth where moth and rust destroy thieves break in steal
Matthew 6:20
store up however for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroy and thieves not do break in nor steal
Matthew 6:21
Where for is the treasure of you there will be also the heart
Matthew 8:19
And having come to [him] one scribe said to Him Teacher I will follow You wherever if You might go
1 Corinthians 3:3
still for fleshly you are Where [are] among you jealousy and strife not are you according to man are walking
John 1:28
These things in Bethany took place across the Jordan where was - John baptizing
John 10:40
And He departed again beyond the Jordan to the place where was John - at first baptizing He stayed there
John 11:30
Not yet now had come - Jesus into the village but was still in the place where had met Him - Martha
John 11:32
- Therefore Mary when she came to where was Jesus having seen Him fell of Him at the feet saying to Him Lord if You had been here not - of me would have died the brother
John 12:1
- Therefore Jesus before six days the Passover came to Bethany where was Lazarus whom had raised out from [the] dead
John 12:26
If Me anyone serves Me let him follow and where am I there also the servant - of Me will be If will honor him Father
John 13:33
Little children yet a little while with you I am You will seek Me and as I said to the Jews - Where I go you not are able to come also to you I say now
John 13:36
Says to Him Simon Peter Lord where go You Answered him Jesus Where I go not you are able Me now to follow you will follow however afterward
John 14:3
And if I go prepare a place for you again I am coming will receive you to Myself that where am I also you may be
John 14:4
And to the place I am going you know the way
John 17:24
Father [those] whom You have given Me I desire that where am I they also may be with Me they may behold - glory My that You gave because You loved Me before [the] foundation of [the] world
John 18:1
These things having said Jesus went out with the disciples of Him beyond the winter stream - of Kidron where there was a garden into which entered He and the disciples
John 18:20
Answered him Jesus I openly have spoken to the world always taught in [the] synagogue and the temple where all the Jews come together secret I spoke nothing
John 19:18
where Him they crucified and with Him others two on this side on that side in between now - Jesus
John 19:20
This therefore the title many read of the Jews for near was the place the city where was crucified - Jesus and it was written in Hebrew in Latin in Greek
John 19:41
There was now in the place where He was crucified a garden and garden a tomb new which not yet no one was laid
John 20:12
and she sees two angels in white sitting one at the head the feet where had lain the body - of Jesus
John 20:19
It being therefore evening the day same first of [the] week and the doors having been shut where were the disciples through the fear of the Jews came - Jesus stood in the midst He says to them Peace to you
John 21:18
Truly I say to you When you were younger you dressed yourself and walked where you desired when however you shall be old you will stretch forth the hands of you another will dress you will bring [you] not you do desire
John 3:8
The wind where it wishes blows and the sound of it You hear but not you know from where it comes where it goes thus is everyone - having been born of the Spirit
John 4:20
The fathers of us on the mountain this worshiped and you say that in Jerusalem is the place where to worship it is necessary
John 4:46
He came therefore again to - Cana - of Galilee where He had made the water wine And there was a certain royal official whose - son was sick in Capernaum
John 6:23
but other came boats from Tiberias near the place where they ate the bread having given thanks Lord
John 6:62
What if then you should see the Son - of Man ascending where He was - before
John 7:34
You will seek Me and not will find Me where am I you not are able to come
John 7:36
What is the word this that He said You will seek Me and not will find Me Where am I you not are able to come
John 7:42
Not the Scripture has said that out of the seed of David and from Bethlehem the village where was David comes the Christ
John 8:21
He said then again to them I am going away and you will seek Me in the sin of you you will die where go you not are able to come
John 8:22
Were saying therefore the Jews Not will He kill Himself that He says Where I go you not are able to come
Revelation 11:8
And the body of them [will be] upon the street of city great which is called figuratively Sodom Egypt where also the Lord was crucified
Revelation 12:6
And the woman fled into the wilderness where she has there a place having been prepared by - God so that they should nourish her days one thousand two hundred sixty
Revelation 12:14
And were given to the woman the two wings of the eagle - great so that she could fly into the wilderness the place of her where she is nourished there a time times half a time from [the] face serpent
Revelation 14:4
These are they who with women not have not been defiled pure for they are these - following the Lamb wherever - He shall go have been redeemed out from - men [as] firstfruits - to God and to the
Revelation 17:9
Here [is] the mind - having wisdom The seven heads seven mountains are where the woman sits on them
Revelation 2:13
I know where you dwell where the throne - of Satan [is] and you hold fast to the name of Me not you have denied the faith even in the days of Antipas witness faithful [one] who was killed among you - Satan dwells
Revelation 20:10
And the devil the [one] deceiving them was cast into the lake - of fire of sulfur where [are] also the beast false prophet they will be tormented day night to the ages of the ages
Romans 15:20
thus now being ambitious to preach the gospel not where had been named Christ so that not upon another’s foundation I might build
Hebrews 10:18
Where now forgiveness of these [is] no longer [is there] an offering for sin
Hebrews 6:20
where [the] forerunner for us has entered Jesus according to the order of Melchizedek a high priest having become to the age
Hebrews 9:16
Where for [there is] a will [the] death [it is] necessary to establish of the [one] having made [it]
2 Peter 2:11
whereas angels in strength and power greater being not do bring against them before [the] Lord a reviling judgment
James 3:4
Behold also the ships so great being and by winds strong being driven are turned about a very small rudder wherever the impulse of the [one] steering resolves
James 3:16
Where for jealousy and self-interest [exist] there [will be] disorder every evil thing
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Greek Commentary Search

Mark 4:15 Where the word is sown [οπου σπειρεται ο λογος]
Explanatory detail only in Mark. [source]
Mark 6:55 Where they heard he was [οπου ηκουον οτι εστιν]
Imperfect tense of ακουω — akouō (repetition), present indicative εστιν — estin retained in indirect discourse. [source]
Mark 6:56 Wheresoever he entered [οπου αν εισεπορευετο]
The imperfect indicative with αν — an used to make a general indefinite statement with the relative adverb. See the same construction at the close of the verse, οσοι αν ηπσαντο αυτον — hosoi an hēpsanto auton (aorist indicative and αν — an in a relative clause), as many as touched him. One must enlarge the details here to get an idea of the richness of the healing ministry of Jesus. We are now near the close of the Galilean ministry with its many healing mercies and excitement is at the highest pitch (Bruce). [source]
Mark 13:14 Standing where he ought not [εστηκοτα οπου ου δει]
Matthew 24:15 has “standing in the holy place” So the words of Daniel find a second fulfilment, Rome taking the place of Syria (Swete). See Matthew 24:15 for this phrase and the parenthesis inserted in the words of Jesus (“Let him that readeth understand”). See also Matthew 24:16-25 for discussion of details in Mark 13:14-22. [source]
Luke 9:57 Wherever you go [οπου εαν απερχηι]
The wandering life of Jesus explains this statement. [source]
Romans 15:20 Not where [ουχ οπου]
Paul was a pioneer preacher pushing on to new fields after the manner of Daniel Boone in Kentucky. [source]
Colossians 3:11 Where [οπου]
In this “new man” in Christ. Cf. Galatians 3:28. [source]
2 Peter 2:11 Whereas [οπου]
Loose use of οπου — hopou (in Xenophon) = “wherein.” [source]
Revelation 2:13 Among you [οπου ο Σατανας κατοικει]
By your side. Proof of the throne of Satan, “where Satan dwells” (hopou ho Satanās katoikei), repeated for emphasis. [source]
Revelation 14:4 Whithersoever he goeth [οπου αν υπαγει]
Indefinite local clause with modal αν — an and the present active indicative of υπαγω — hupagō The Christian life is following the Lamb of God as Jesus taught (Mark 2:14; Mark 10:21; Luke 9:59; John 1:43; John 21:19, etc.) and as Peter taught (1 Peter 2:21) and John (1 John 2:6). [source]