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Parse: Article, Nominative Masculine Singular
Root: G3588 (ὁ)
Sense: this, that, these, etc (more info)

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Frequency of ὁ

How ὁ is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
the 1017
the [one] 355
which 74
- 1116
this 3
whatever 18
what 52
who [is] 12
of the 2
the things 1
[one person] 1
that 38
however 1
who 26
to which 1
whom 6
of 5
[and] the 1
as 1
that which 18
he who 9
some 4
a 1
the [son] 2
the one 2
the [one with] 1
he who [is] 4
[he is] the [one] 1
one [has] 1
one 3
to whom 1
he 1
[those] whom 1
since 1
who was 1
[one] 2
who [was] 1
him 1
o 4
those 2
to what 2
[am] the [one] 1
that [is] 1
[you] 1
you 2
[is he] the 1
[is] the 4
[are] the 1
[our] 1
with which 2
he who is 1
with what 1
[your] 1
[may] the 1
[he] 1
who [am] 1

Verses with ὁ

Colossians 1:1
Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus by [the] will of God and Timothy the brother

Colossians 1:8
the [one] also having made known to us - your love in [the] Spirit

Colossians 1:24
Now I rejoice in the sufferings for you and I am filling up that which is lacking of the tribulations - of Christ the flesh of me the body of Him which is the church

Colossians 1:27
to whom has willed - God to make known what [is] the riches of the glory of the mystery this among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope - of glory

Colossians 1:29
Unto this also I toil striving according to the energy of Him - working in me power

Colossians 2:8
Take heed lest anyone you there will be - taking captive through - philosophy and empty deceit according to the tradition - of men the principles of the world not Christ

Colossians 2:14
having blotted out the against us handwriting in the decrees which was adverse to us and it He has taken out of the way having nailed to the cross

Colossians 3:1
If then you have been raised with - Christ the things above seek where - Christ is at [the] right hand - of God sitting

Colossians 3:4
When - Christ may be revealed the life of you then also you with Him will appear in glory

Colossians 3:13
bearing with each other and forgiving each other If anyone against another should have a complaint even as also the Lord has forgiven you so you

Colossians 3:14
Beyond all now these [put on] the love which is [the] bond - of perfect unity

Colossians 3:16
The word - of Christ let dwell in you richly all wisdom teaching and admonishing each other in psalms hymns [and] songs spiritual with - grace singing the hearts of you to God

Colossians 3:17
And everything which what if you might do in word or deed all [the] name of [the] Lord Jesus giving thanks - to God [the] Father through Him

Colossians 3:23
Whatever if you might do from [the] soul work as to the Lord and not to men

Colossians 3:25
The [one] for doing wrong will be repaid [for] what he has done wrong and not there is partiality

Colossians 4:3
praying at the same time also for us that - God may open to us a door for the word to declare the mystery - of Christ on account of which I have been bound

Colossians 4:6
- [Let the] speech of you [be] always in grace with salt having been seasoned to know how it behooves you one each to answer

Colossians 4:7
The things concerning me all will make known to you Tychicus the beloved brother and faithful servant fellow bond-servant in [the] Lord

Colossians 4:10
Greets you Aristarchus the fellow prisoner of me and Mark cousin of Barnabas concerning whom you have received instructions if he comes to welcome him

Colossians 4:11
and also Jesus - called Justus - being among [the] circumcision these only fellow workers for the kingdom - of God who have been to me a comfort

Colossians 4:12
Greets you Epaphras who [is] [one] of you a servant of Christ Jesus always struggling for in the prayers so that you may stand mature and fully assured all [the] will - of God

Colossians 4:14
Greets you Luke the physician - beloved and also Demas

Colossians 4:18
The greeting [is] in the own hand Paul Remember my - chains - Grace [be] with you Amen

2 Thessalonians 1:11
for which also we pray always for you that you He may count worthy of the calling of the God of us and He may fulfill every good pleasure of goodness work of faith with power

2 Thessalonians 2:3
No one you should deceive in not one way because [it is] if not [until] shall have come the apostasy first and shall have been revealed the man - of lawlessness son of destruction

2 Thessalonians 2:4
the [one] opposing and exalting himself above every so-called god or object of worship so as for him in the temple - of God to sit down setting forth he himself that is God

2 Thessalonians 2:7
The for mystery already is working - of lawlessness only [there is] the [one] restraining [it] at present until out of [the] midst he might be [gone]

2 Thessalonians 2:8
And then will be revealed the lawless [one] whom Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of the mouth of Him will annul by the appearing of the coming

2 Thessalonians 2:11
And because of this will send to them - God a working of delusion for - to believe them what [is] false

2 Thessalonians 2:13
We however ought to give thanks - to God always concerning you brothers beloved by [the] Lord that has chosen you - God from [the] beginning unto salvation in [the] sanctification of [the] Spirit and [by] faith of [the] truth

2 Thessalonians 2:14
to this also He called you through the gospel of us [the] obtaining of [the] glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

2 Thessalonians 2:16
Himself now the Lord of us Jesus Christ and - God Father the [One] having loved us having given [us] comfort eternal hope good by grace

2 Thessalonians 3:1
- Finally pray brothers for us that the word of the Lord may spread quickly and may be glorified just as also with you

2 Thessalonians 3:3
Faithful however is the Lord who will strengthen you and will keep [you] from - evil

2 Thessalonians 3:5
- And the Lord may direct your - hearts into the love - of God and steadfastness of Christ

2 Thessalonians 3:16
Himself now the Lord - of peace may give you - peace through all in every way Lord [be] with all of you

2 Thessalonians 3:17
The greeting - in my own hand Paul which is [my] sign in every letter In this manner I write

2 Timothy 1:6
For this reason I remind you to kindle anew the gift - of God which is in you by the laying on of the hands of me

2 Timothy 1:7
Not for has given us - God a spirit of cowardice but of power and of love of self-control

2 Timothy 1:11
to which was appointed I a herald and an apostle a teacher

2 Timothy 1:16
May grant mercy the Lord to the of Onesiphorus household because often me he refreshed and the chain of me not he was ashamed of

2 Timothy 1:18
May grant unto him the Lord to find mercy from [the] Lord in that - day And how much Ephesus he served very well you know

2 Timothy 2:7
Consider the things I am saying will give for you the Lord understanding in all things

2 Timothy 2:9
in which I suffer hardship even to chains as an evildoer But the word - of God not is bound

2 Timothy 2:11
Trustworthy [is] the saying If for we have died together [with Him] also we will live together [with Him]

2 Timothy 2:17
and the talk of them like gangrene pasture to grow will have among whom are Hymenaeus Philetus

2 Timothy 2:19
- Nevertheless the firm foundation of God stands having the seal this Knows [the] Lord those being His and Let depart from iniquity everyone naming the name of the Lord

2 Timothy 2:25
in gentleness disciplining those opposing lest ever may give them - God repentance unto a knowledge of [the] truth

2 Timothy 3:11
- persecutions - sufferings such as to me happened in Antioch Iconium Lystra what manner of persecutions I endured And yet out of all me delivered the Lord

2 Timothy 3:17
so that complete may be the - of God man toward every work good having been fully equipped

2 Timothy 4:6
I for already am being poured out and the time of the departure of me is come

2 Timothy 4:8
From now on is laid up for me the - of righteousness crown which will award to me Lord in that - day righteous judge not only however to me but also to all those loving the appearing of Him

2 Timothy 4:14
Alexander the coppersmith great to me harm did Will render to him Lord according to the deeds of him

2 Timothy 4:17
- And the Lord me stood by and strengthened me so that through me the proclamation would be fully accomplished should hear all the Gentiles I was delivered out of [the] mouth of the lion

2 Timothy 4:18
Will deliver me the Lord from every deed evil and will bring [me] safely into the kingdom of Him - heavenly to whom [is] the glory unto the ages of the ages Amen

2 Timothy 4:22
The Lord [be] with the spirit of you - Grace [be] with you all Amen

3 John 1:1
The elder To Gaius the beloved whom I love in truth

3 John 1:5
Beloved faithfully you are doing whatever if you might have done toward the brothers and they are strangers

3 John 1:9
I have written something to the church but the [one] loving to be first among them Diotrephes not welcomes us

3 John 1:11
Beloved not do imitate what [is] evil but good The [one] doing good of - God is doing evil not has seen - God

Acts 1:1
The indeed first account I composed concerning all the things O Theophilus which began - Jesus to do both and to teach

Acts 1:7
He said then to them Not yours it is to know times or seasons which the Father put in place by - His own authority

Acts 1:11
who also said Men Galileans why do you stand looking into - heaven This - Jesus having been taken up from you heaven thus will come in that manner you beheld Him going

Acts 1:12
Then they returned to Jerusalem from [the] mount - called Olivet which is near Jerusalem a Sabbath day’s holding journey

Acts 1:13
And when they had entered into the upper room they went up where they were staying - both Peter John James Andrew Philip Thomas Bartholomew Matthew James [son] of Alphaeus Simon the Zealot Judas [son] of James

Acts 1:20
It has been written for in [the] book of Psalms Let become the homestead of him desolate and not let there be [one person] dwelling in it and The position let take another

Acts 1:21
It behooves therefore the having accompanied us men during all [the] time that came in and went out among us the Lord Jesus

Acts 1:26
And they gave lots for them fell the lot on Matthias he was numbered with the eleven apostles

Acts 10:4
- And having looked intently on him and afraid having become he said What is it Lord then to him The prayers of You alms have ascended as a memorial before - God

Acts 10:7
When then had departed the angel - speaking to him having called two of the servants and a soldier devout of those who are attending him

Acts 10:14
- And Peter said In no way Lord for never have I eaten anything common or unclean

Acts 10:15
And a voice [came] again for the second time to him What - God has cleansed you not call common

Acts 10:17
While then in himself was perplexed - Peter what - might be the vision that he had seen behold the men - having been sent from - Cornelius having inquired for the house of Simon stood at the gate

Acts 10:18
And having called out they were asking if Simon who [is] called Peter here is lodged

Acts 10:24
On the now next day he entered into - Caesarea - and Cornelius was expecting them having called together the relatives of him and - close friends

Acts 10:25
As then was - entering - Peter having met him - Cornelius having fallen at the feet worshiped [him]

Acts 10:26
- But Peter lifted up him saying Rise up also I myself a man am

Acts 10:28
He was saying then to them You know how unlawful it is for a man a Jew to unite himself or to come near to a foreigner To me however God has shown not common unclean to call man

Acts 10:30
And - Cornelius was saying Ago four days until this the hour I was at the ninth hour praying in the house of me behold a man stood before me apparel bright

Acts 10:34
Having opened then Peter the mouth he said Of a truth I understand that not is One who shows partiality - God

Acts 10:35
but in every nation the [one] fearing Him and working righteousness acceptable to Him is

Acts 10:37
You yourselves know the having come declaration through all - Judea having begun from Galilee after baptism that proclaimed John

Acts 10:38
Jesus - from Nazareth how anointed Him - God Spirit with Holy and with power who went about doing good healing all those being oppressed by the devil because was with Him

Acts 10:40
This One - God raised up on the third day and gave Him manifest to become

Acts 10:42
And He instructed us to proclaim to the people to testify fully that He is the [One] having been appointed by - God [as] judge of living dead

Acts 11:9
Answered however for a second [time] the voice out of - heaven What - God has cleansed you not do call unholy

Acts 11:14
who will speak words to you in which will be saved you and all the household of you

Acts 11:17
If then the same gift has given to them - God as also to us having believed on the Lord Jesus Christ I how was able to forbid - God

Acts 11:18
Having heard then these things they were silent and glorified - God saying Then indeed also to the Gentiles - God - repentance unto life has given

Acts 11:21
And was [the] hand of [the] Lord with them [a] great then number - having believed turned to the Lord

Acts 11:22
Was heard now the report in the ears of the church - being in Jerusalem concerning them and they sent forth Barnabas to go as far as Antioch

Acts 11:30
which also they did having sent [it] to the elders by [the] hand of Barnabas and Saul

Acts 12:1
At that now - time put forth Herod the king the hands to mistreat some of those of the church

Acts 12:5
- Indeed therefore Peter was kept in the prison prayer however was fervent being made by the church to - God concerning him

Acts 12:6
When then was about to bring forth him - Herod the night that was Peter sleeping between two soldiers having been bound with chains two guards also before the door were watching the prison

Acts 12:8
Said then the angel to him Gird yourself about and put on the sandals of you He did and so he says to him Wrap around [you] the cloak follow me

Acts 12:10
Having passed through then a first guard and a second they came to the gate - iron leading into city which by itself opened to them having gone out they went on through street one immediately departed the angel from him

Acts 12:11
And - Peter to himself having come said Now I know truly that has sent forth the Lord the angel of Him delivered me out of [the] hand of Herod all the expectation of the people of the Jews

Acts 12:15
- And to her they said You are out of your mind - But she kept insisting [it] so to be they kept saying The angel it is of him

Acts 12:16
- But Peter continued knocking having opened [it] then they saw him and were amazed

Acts 12:17
Having made a sign then to them with the hand to be silent he related how the Lord him had brought out of the prison He said then Report to James and to the brothers these things having gone out he went to another place

Acts 12:18
Having come now day there was disturbance no small among the soldiers what then [of] - Peter has become

Acts 12:21
On the appointed now day - Herod having put on apparel royal and having sat on the throne was making an address to them

Acts 12:22
- And the people were crying out Of a god [this is the] voice and not of a man

Acts 12:24
- But the word - of God continued to grow and to multiply

Acts 13:1
There were now in Antioch in the being [there] church prophets and teachers - both Barnabas Simeon who was called Niger Lucius the Cyrenian Manaen also Herod the tetrarch brought up with Saul

Acts 13:2
As were ministering now they to the Lord and fasting said the Spirit - Holy Set apart then to Me - Barnabas Saul for the work to which I have called them

Acts 13:8
Was opposing however them Elymas the magician thus for means the name of him seeking to turn away the proconsul from the faith

Acts 13:9
Saul then - also [called] Paul having been filled [the] Spirit Holy having looked intently upon him

Acts 13:12
Then having seen the proconsul that having happened he believed being astonished at the teaching of the Lord

Acts 13:17
The God of the people this of Israel chose the fathers of us and the people exalted in the sojourn [the] land of Egypt with arm uplifted brought them out of it

Acts 13:21
Then they asked for a king and gave to them - God - Saul son of Kish a man of [the] tribe of Benjamin years forty

Acts 13:23
Of this [man] - God of the seed according to promise has brought - to Israel [the] Savior Jesus

Acts 13:26
Men brothers sons of [the] family of Abraham and those among you fearing - God to us the message of the salvation this has been sent

Acts 13:30
- But God raised Him out from [the] dead

Acts 13:33
that this - God has fulfilled to the children of them to us having raised up Jesus as also in the psalm it has been written second Son of Me are You I today have begotten you

Acts 13:37
The [One] however - God raised up not did see decay

Acts 13:39
And from all things from which not you were able in [the] law of Moses to be justified Him everyone - believing is justified

Acts 13:41
Behold - scoffers and wonder perish for a work am working I in the days of you that never not you would believe even if one should declare it to you

Acts 13:46
Having spoken boldly also - Paul and Barnabas said To you it was necessary first to be spoken the word - of God but since you thrust away it not worthy you judge yourselves - of eternal life behold we are turning to the Gentiles

Acts 13:47
Thus for has commanded us the Lord I have set you for a light of [the] Gentiles - to be salvation to [the] uttermost part of the earth

Acts 13:49
Was carried then the word of the Lord through all the region

Acts 14:11
- And the crowds having seen what had done Paul lifted up the voice of them in Lycaonian saying The gods having become like men have come down to us

Acts 14:12
They began calling then - Barnabas Zeus and Paul Hermes because he was the leading - speaker

Acts 14:13
- And the priest - of Zeus being just outside the city oxen and wreaths to the gates having brought with the crowds was desiring to sacrifice

Acts 14:26
And from there they sailed to Antioch from where they had been committed to the grace - of God for the work that they had fulfilled

Acts 14:27
Having arrived now and having gathered together the church they began declaring all that had done - God with them that He had opened to the Gentiles a door of faith

Acts 15:4
Having come then to Jerusalem they were welcomed by the church and the apostles elders They declared then all that - God had done with them

Acts 15:7
Of much now discussion having taken place having risen up Peter said to them Men brothers you know that from days early among you chose - God by the mouth of me to hear the Gentiles the word of the gospel and to believe

Acts 15:8
And the heart-knowing God bore witness to them having given [them] the Spirit - Holy as also to us

Acts 15:12
Kept silent now all the multitude and were listening to Barnabas Paul relating what had done - God signs wonders among the Gentiles by them

Acts 15:14
Simeon has related how first - God visited to take out of [the] Gentiles a people for the name of Him

Acts 16:3
This one wanted - Paul with him to go forth and having taken he circumcised him on account of the Jews - being in the parts those they knew for all that a Greek the father of him was

Acts 16:10
When now the vision he had seen immediately we sought to go forth to Macedonia concluding that had called us - God to preach the gospel to them

Acts 16:14
And a certain woman named Lydia a seller of purple of [the] city of Thyatira worshiping - God was listening of whom the Lord opened the heart to attend to the things being spoken by - Paul

Acts 16:15
When then she was baptized and the house of her she begged saying If you have judged me faithful to the Lord to be having entered into the house of me abide she persuaded us

Acts 16:22
And rose up together the crowd against them the magistrates having torn off of them the garments were commanding that they be beaten with rods

Acts 16:27
Awoken then having been the jailer and having seen open the doors of the prison having drawn his sword he was about himself to kill supposing to have escaped the prisoners

Acts 16:31
- And they said Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved you the household of you

Acts 16:36
Reported then the jailer the words these to - Paul - Have sent the captains that you may be let go Now therefore having gone out depart in peace

Acts 16:37
- But Paul was saying to them Having beaten us publicly uncondemned men Romans being they cast [us] into prison and now secretly do they throw out No indeed Instead having come themselves let them bring out

Acts 17:3
opening and setting forth that the Christ it behooved to have suffered to have risen out from [the] dead this is the Christ - Jesus whom I preach to you

Acts 17:13
When however knew those from - Thessalonica Jews that also in - Berea was proclaimed by - Paul the word of God they came there also stirring up and agitating the crowds

Acts 17:14
Immediately also then - Paul sent away the brothers to go as to the sea remained but - both Silas and - Timothy there

Acts 17:18
Some then also of the Epicureans and Stoics philosophers encountered him And some were saying What - may desire of the babbler this to say Others however Of foreign gods he seems a proclaimer to be because - Jesus the resurrection he was proclaiming the gospel of

Acts 17:23
Passing through for and beholding the objects of worship of you I found even an altar on which had been inscribed To an unknown God Whom therefore not knowing you worship Him I proclaim to you

Acts 17:24
The God - having made the world and all things that [are] in it He of heaven earth being Lord not hand-made temples dwells

Acts 17:30
The indeed therefore times - of ignorance having overlooked - God - now He commands - men all everywhere to repent

Acts 17:33
Thus - Paul went out from [the] midst of them

Acts 17:34
Some however men having joined themselves to him believed among whom also [were] Dionysius the Areopagite and a woman named Damaris others with them

Acts 18:5
When now came down from - Macedonia - both Silas and - Timothy was occupied with the word Paul earnestly testifying to the Jews to be the Christ Jesus

Acts 18:8
Crispus now the ruler of the synagogue believed in the Lord with all the household of him And many of the Corinthians hearing believed were baptized

Acts 18:9
Said now the Lord in [the] night through a vision - to Paul Not fear but continue speaking and be silent

Acts 18:14
Being about now - Paul to open the mouth said - Gallio to the Jews If indeed it was unrighteousness some or crime wicked O Jews according to reason - I would have endured with you

Acts 18:18
- Now Paul more having remained days many the brothers having taken leave of sailed away to - Syria and with him Priscilla Aquila having shaved in Cenchrea the head he had for a vow

Acts 19:11
Miracles then not - being ordinary - God was performing by the hands of Paul

Acts 19:16
And having leapt the man on them in whom was the spirit - evil having overpowered them all he prevailed against them so that naked wounded they fled out of the house that

Acts 19:20
Thus with might of the Lord the word continued to increase and prevail

Acts 19:21
After now were fulfilled these things purposed - Paul in the Spirit having passed through - Macedonia and Achaia to go to Jerusalem having said - After - having been my there it behooves me also Rome to see

Acts 19:26
And you see hear that not only in Ephesus but almost all - of Asia - Paul this having persuaded [them] has turned away a great many people saying not they are gods - by hands being made

Acts 19:33
Out of now the crowd to explain himself Alexander having thrust forward him the Jews - And Alexander having motioned with the hand was wanting to make a defense to the people

Acts 19:35
Having calmed then the town clerk the crowd he says Men Ephesians what for is there man who not knows the of [the] Ephesians city temple-keeper as being of the great Artemis and of that fallen from the sky

Acts 2:14
Having stood up however - Peter with the eleven he lifted up the voice of him and spoke forth to them Men of Judea those inhabiting Jerusalem all this to you known let be give heed to the words of me

Acts 2:17
And it will be in the last days says - God I will pour out of the Spirit of Me upon all flesh will prophesy the sons of you the daughters young men visions will see elders dreams will dream

Acts 2:20
The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon blood before than coming day of [the] Lord - great glorious

Acts 2:22
Men Israelites hear the words these Jesus of Nazareth a man having been set forth by - God to you by miracles and wonders signs which did by Him - God in the midst of you as you yourselves know

Acts 2:24
whom - God raised up having loosed the agony of death inasmuch as not it was possible [for] to be held Him by it

Acts 2:30
A prophet therefore being and knowing that with an oath swore to him - God out of [the] fruit of the loins of him to set upon the throne

Acts 2:32
This - Jesus has raised up - God whereof all we are witnesses

Acts 2:33
To the right hand therefore - of God having been exalted - and the promise of the Spirit - Holy having received from the Father He has poured out this which you both are seeing and hearing

Acts 2:36
Assuredly therefore let know all [the] house of Israel that both Lord Him and Christ has made - God this - Jesus whom you crucified

Acts 2:39
To you for is the promise and to the children of you to all those at a distance as many as - shall call to Himself [the] Lord the God of us

Acts 2:47
praising - God and having favor with all the people - And the Lord kept adding those who were being saved every day to their number

Acts 20:1
After now - had ceased the uproar having called to [him] - Paul the disciples and having encouraged having said farewell he departed to go to Macedonia

Acts 20:7
In then the first [day] of the week having come together we to break bread - Paul talked to them about to depart on the next day he continued then the talk until midnight

Acts 20:10
Having descended however - Paul fell upon him and having embraced [him] said Not be alarmed the for life of him in is

Acts 20:16
Had decided for - Paul to sail by - Ephesus so that not it might come upon to him to spend time in - Asia he was hastened if possible it was for him on the day - of Pentecost to be in Jerusalem

Acts 21:13
Then answered - Paul What are you doing weeping and breaking my - heart I for not only to be bound but also to die at Jerusalem readiness have for the name of the Lord Jesus

Acts 21:18
On the now following [day] went in - Paul with us unto James all and arrived the elders

Acts 21:19
And having greeted them he began to relate by one each the things had done - God among the Gentiles through the ministry of him

Acts 21:23
This therefore do you what to you we say There are with us men four a vow having on themselves

Acts 21:26
Then - Paul having taken the men on the following day with them having been purified entered into the temple declaring the fulfillment of the days of the purification until that was offered for one each of them the sacrifice

Acts 21:28
crying out Men Israelites help This is the man who against the people and law place this all those everywhere teaching besides and also Greeks he has brought into the temple defiled the holy place this

Acts 21:29
It was they for having previously seen Trophimus the Ephesian in the city with him whom they were supposing that into the temple had brought - Paul

Acts 21:33
Then having drawn near the commander laid hold of him and commanded [him] to be bound with chains two began inquiring who he might be what it is he has been doing

Acts 21:37
Being about then to be brought into the barracks - Paul says to the commander If is it permitted to me to say something to you Then he was saying Greek do you know

Acts 21:38
Not then you are the Egyptian - before these the days having led a revolt and having led out into the wilderness the four thousand men of the Assassins

Acts 21:39
Said however - Paul I a man indeed am a Jew of Tarsus - of Cilicia not [of an] insignificant city a citizen I implore now you allow me to speak to the people

Acts 21:40
Having allowed [him] then he - Paul having stood on the stairs made a sign with the hand to the people great silence having taken place he spoke to [them] in the Hebrew language saying

Acts 22:5
as also the high priest bears witness to me and all the elderhood from whom letters having received to the brothers to Damascus I was on my way to bring those there being bound Jerusalem in order that they might be punished

Acts 22:8
I then answered Who are You Lord He said then to me I am Jesus of Nazareth whom you are persecuting

Acts 22:10
I said then What shall I do Lord - And the Lord said to me Having risen up go to Damascus and there you it will be told concerning all things that it has been appointed to do

Acts 22:14
- And he said The God of the fathers of us has appointed you to know the will of Him and to see the Righteous One to hear [the] voice out of the mouth

Acts 22:24
Ordered the commander to be brought him into the barracks having directed by flogging to be examined so that he might know for what cause like this they were crying out against him

Acts 22:25
As however he stretched forward him with the straps said to the standing by centurion - Paul If a man a Roman and uncondemned it is lawful to you to flog

Acts 22:26
Having heard then the centurion having gone to the commander he reported [it] saying What are you going to do for man this a Roman is

Acts 22:27
Having come near then the commander said to him Tell me you a Roman are - And he was saying Yes

Acts 22:28
Answered then the commander I with a great sum the citizenship this bought - But Paul was saying however even was born [so]

Acts 22:29
Immediately therefore departed from him those being about him to examine and the commander also was afraid having ascertained that a Roman he is because he had bound

Acts 23:2
- Then the high priest Ananias commanded those standing by him to strike of him the mouth

Acts 23:3
Then - Paul to him said To strike you is about God wall whitewashed And you do you sit judging me according to the law violating law command to be struck

Acts 23:5
Was saying then - Paul Not I was aware brothers that he is high priest it has been written for - [The] ruler of the people of you you shall speak evil [of]

Acts 23:6
Having known then - Paul that the one part consists of Sadducees - but the other of Pharisees he began crying out in the Council Men brothers I a Pharisee am [the] son of a Pharisee concerning [the] hope and resurrection of [the] dead I am judged

Acts 23:10
Great then arising dissension having feared the commander lest should be torn to pieces - Paul by them he commanded the troop having gone down to take by force him from midst of them to bring [him] then into the barracks

Acts 23:11
- But the following night having stood by him the Lord said Take courage as for you have fully testified - about Me at Jerusalem so you it behooves also in Rome to testify

Acts 23:16
Having heard however the son of the sister of Paul of the ambush having come near and having entered into the barracks he reported [it] - to Paul

Acts 23:17
Having called to [him] then - Paul one of the centurions he was saying The young man this take to commander he has for to report something to him

Acts 23:18
The [one] indeed therefore having taken him brought [him] to the commander and he says The prisoner Paul having called to me asked [me] this - young man to lead you having something to say to you

Acts 23:19
Having taken hold then the hand of him the commander and having withdrawn in private he began to inquire What is it that you have to report to me

Acts 23:22
- Indeed therefore the commander dismissed the young man having instructed [him] No one tell that these things you have reported to me

Acts 24:1
After then five days came down the high priest Ananias with elders some and an orator Tertullus certain who made a representation to the governor against - Paul

Acts 24:2
Having been called then of him began to accuse - Tertullus saying Great peace we are attaining through you and excellent measures are being done to the nation this - your foresight

Acts 24:7
having come up however Lysias the commander with great force out of the hands of us took [him] away

Acts 24:10
Answered then - Paul having made a sign to him the governor to speak For many years as being you judge to nation this knowing cheerfully to the things concerning myself I make a defense

Acts 24:22
Put off however them - Felix more precisely having knowledge of the things concerning the Way having said When Lysias the commander might have come down I will examine as to you

Acts 24:24
After then days some having arrived - Felix with Drusilla the own wife being a Jewess he sent for - Paul and heard him concerning the in Christ Jesus faith

Acts 24:25
Reasoning then he concerning righteousness and self-control the judgment - coming frightened having become - Felix answered For the present being go away opportunity having found I will call for you

Acts 24:27
Two years however having been completed received [as] successor - Felix Porcius Festus wishing then favor to acquire for himself with the Jews left - Paul imprisoned

Acts 25:4
- Indeed therefore Festus answered that is to be kept - Paul in Caesarea he himself now is about in quickness to set out

Acts 25:9
- Festus however wishing on the Jews a favor to lay answering - Paul said Are you willing to Jerusalem having gone up there concerning these things to be judged before me

Acts 25:10
Said then - Paul Standing before the judgment seat of Caesar I am where me it behooves to be judged To [the] Jews nothing I have done wrong as also you very well know

Acts 25:12
Then - Festus having conferred with the Council answered To Caesar You have appealed to Caesar you will go

Acts 25:13
Days now having passed some Agrippa the king and Bernice came down to Caesarea greeting - Festus

Acts 25:14
As now many days they stayed there - Festus the king laid before the things relating to - Paul saying A man certain there is left by Felix [as] a prisoner

Acts 25:16
to whom I answered that not it is [the] custom with Romans to give up any man before that the [one] being accused to face may have [it] the accusers [the] opportunity and of defense he may have concerning the accusation

Acts 25:19
Questions however certain concerning the own religion they had against him and concerning a certain Jesus having been dead whom was affirming - Paul to be alive

Acts 25:23
On the therefore next day having come - Agrippa and - Bernice with great pomp having entered into the audience hall with both [the] commanders men - in prominence in the city having commanded Festus was brought in - Paul

Acts 25:24
And says - Festus Agrippa King and all the being present with us men you see this one concerning whom all the multitude of the Jews pleaded with me in both Jerusalem here crying out [that] not he ought of him to live no longer

Acts 26:1
Agrippa then to - Paul was saying It is permitted you for yourself to speak Then - Paul having stretched out the hand began his defense

Acts 26:8
Why incredible is it judged by you if - God [the] dead raises

Acts 26:10
which also I did in Jerusalem and many also of the saints I prisons locked up the from the chief priests authority having received being put to death then they I cast against [them] a vote

Acts 26:15
I then said Who are You Lord - And the Lord said I am Jesus whom you are persecuting

Acts 26:23
that would suffer the Christ as first through resurrection from [the] dead light He is about to preach to both our people and to the Gentiles

Acts 26:24
These things now of him saying in his defense - Festus in a loud - voice said You are insane Paul The great of you learning to insanity turns [you]

Acts 26:25
- But Paul Not I am insane says most excellent Festus but of truth and sobriety words I utter

Acts 26:26
Understands for concerning these things the king to whom also using boldness I speak Are hidden from him any of these things not I am persuaded none for is in a corner done of these things

Acts 26:28
- Then Agrippa [said] to - Paul Within so little me do you persuade a Christian to become

Acts 26:29
- And Paul [said] I would wish - - to God both in a little and much not only you but also all those hearing me this day to become such as I am except the chains these

Acts 26:30
Rose up then the king and governor - and Bernice those sitting with them

Acts 26:31
and having withdrawn they began speaking to one another saying - Nothing of death or of chains worthy any is doing the man this

Acts 26:32
Agrippa then to Festus was saying Have been released could the man this if not he had appealed to Caesar

Acts 27:3
The then next [day] we landed at Sidon Considerately - Julius - Paul having treated allowed [him] to his friends having gone care to receive

Acts 27:6
And there having found the centurion a ship of Alexandria sailing to - Italy he placed us into it

Acts 27:9
Much now time having passed and being already dangerous the voyage because of - even the Fast being over was admonishing [them] - Paul

Acts 27:11
- But the centurion by the pilot and the ship owner rather was persuaded than by the things by Paul spoken

Acts 27:14
After not long however there came down from it a wind tempestuous - called the Northeaster

Acts 27:21
Much also time without food there being at that time having stood up - Paul in midst of them he said It behooved [you] indeed O men having been obedient to me not to have set sail from - Crete to have incurred then the disaster this and - loss

Acts 27:24
saying Not fear Paul Caesar you it behooves to stand before And behold has granted to you - God all those sailing with you

Acts 27:31
said - Paul to the centurion and to the soldiers If not these remain in the ship you to be saved not are able

Acts 27:33
Until then that day was about to come kept urging - Paul all to partake of food saying The fourteenth today [is] day watching without eating you continue nothing having taken

Acts 27:43
- But the centurion desiring to save - Paul hindered them of [the] purpose he commanded then those being able to swim having cast [themselves] off first on the land to go out

Acts 28:4
When then saw the natives hanging the beast from the hand of him to one another they began to say By all means a murderer is the man this whom having been saved sea - Justice to live not has permitted

Acts 28:5
The [one] indeed then having shaken off the creature into fire he suffered no injury

Acts 28:8
It came to pass then the father - of Publius fevers and dysentery oppressed with was lying toward whom - Paul having entered having prayed having laid the hands on him healed him

Acts 28:15
And from there the brothers having heard the things concerning us came out to meet us as far as of Appius [the] market and [the] Three Taverns whom having seen - Paul having given thanks to God took courage

Acts 3:5
- And he began to give heed to them expecting something from them to receive

Acts 3:6
Said however Peter Silver and gold none there is to me what I have this to you I give In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk

Acts 3:9
And saw all the people him walking praising - God

Acts 3:10
They recognized then him that he was the [one] for the alms sitting at the Beautiful Gate of the temple and they were filled with wonder amazement that having happened to him

Acts 3:11
Is clinging now he to Peter and - John ran together all the people to them in the porch - called Solomon’s greatly amazed

Acts 3:12
Having seen [it] however - Peter answered to the people Men Israelites why wonder you at this Or on us you look intently as if by [our] own power godliness [we] have made - to walk him

Acts 3:13
The God of Abraham and the God of Isaac Jacob of the fathers of us has glorified the servant of Him Jesus whom you indeed betrayed disowned in [the] presence of Pilate having adjudged that one to release [Him]

Acts 3:15
- and the Author - of life you killed whom - God has raised up out from [the] dead whereof we witnesses are

Acts 3:18
- But God what He foretold by [the] mouth of all the prophets [that] should suffer the Christ of Him He has fulfilled thus

Acts 3:21
whom it behooves heaven indeed to receive until [the] times of restoration of all things of which spoke - God by [the] mouth of holy from [the] age His prophets

Acts 3:22
Moses indeed said - A prophet to you will raise up [the] Lord the God of you out from the brothers of you like me Him You will listen to in all things as many as - He might say to you

Acts 3:25
You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant that - God made with the fathers of you saying to Abraham in the seed of you will be blessed all the families earth

Acts 3:26
To you first having raised up - God the servant of Him sent Him blessing you in - turning away each from the wickednesses of you

Acts 4:1
Speaking now of them to the people came upon them the priests and the captain of the temple Sadducees

Acts 4:6
and Annas the high priest Caiaphas John Alexander as many as were of descent high-priestly

Acts 4:10
known let it be to all you and to all the people of Israel that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth whom you crucified - God raised out from [the] dead Him this [man] stands before you sound

Acts 4:11
This is the stone - having been rejected by you the builders which has become into head of [the] corner

Acts 4:19
- But Peter and John answering said to them Whether right it is before - God to you to listen rather than you must judge

Acts 4:22
years [old] for was more than forty the man on whom had taken place the sign this of healing

Acts 4:24
- And having heard with one accord they lifted up [their] voice to - God and said Sovereign Lord You - made the heaven the earth sea all that [is] in them

Acts 4:25
- of the father of us by [the] Spirit Holy through [the] mouth David servant of You having spoken - Why did rage [the] Gentiles and peoples did devise vain things

Acts 4:31
And having prayed they was shaken the place in which they were assembled they were filled with all the Holy Spirit were speaking the word - of God with boldness

Acts 4:36
Joseph now - having been called Barnabas by the apostles which is translated Son of encouragement a Levite a Cypriot at the birth

Acts 5:3
Said however - Peter Ananias because of why has filled Satan the heart of you to lie to [for] you the Spirit - Holy and to keep back from the proceeds of the land

Acts 5:5
Hearing now - Ananias the words these having fallen down he breathed his last And came fear great upon all those hearing

Acts 5:9
- But Peter [said] to her Why [is it] that have agreed together you to test the Spirit of [the] Lord Behold the feet of those having buried the husband of you [are] at the door and they will carry out you

Acts 5:13
of the now rest no one dared to join them but were magnifying them the people

Acts 5:17
Having risen up however the high priest and all those with him - being the sect of the Sadducees were filled with jealousy

Acts 5:21
Having heard now they entered at the dawn into the temple and were teaching Having come the high priest those with him they called together Council even all the Senate of the sons of Israel sent to prison house to bring them

Acts 5:24
When now they heard the words these - both the captain of the temple and the chief priests were perplexed concerning them what - might be this

Acts 5:26
Then having gone the captain with the officers was bringing them not with force they were afraid of for the people lest they might be stoned

Acts 5:27
Having brought then them they set [them] in the Council And asked the high priest

Acts 5:30
The God of the fathers of us raised up Jesus whom you killed having hanged [Him] on a tree

Acts 5:31
Him - God [as] Prince and Savior exalted by the right hand of Him - to give repentance - to Israel forgiveness of sins

Acts 5:32
And we are witnesses of the things these and also the Spirit - Holy whom has given - God to those obeying Him

Acts 5:37
After this man rose up Judas the Galilean in the days of the registration and drew away people after him And he perished all as many as were persuaded by him were scattered

Acts 6:5
And was pleasing the statement before all the multitude they chose Stephen a man full of faith [of the] Spirit holy Philip Prochorus Nicanor Timon Parmenas Nicolas a convert of Antioch

Acts 6:7
And the word - of God continued to increase was multiplied number of the disciples in Jerusalem exceedingly a great then multitude priests were becoming obedient to the faith

Acts 6:13
They set also witnesses FALSE saying The man this not does stop speaking words against the place - holy this and law

Acts 6:14
we have heard for him saying that Jesus of Nazareth this will destroy the place this and will change the customs that delivered to us Moses

Acts 7:1
Said then the high priest If these things so are

Acts 7:2
- And he began to speak Men brothers and fathers listen The God - of glory appeared to the father of us Abraham being in - Mesopotamia before rather dwelling his Haran

Acts 7:6
Spoke however thus - God that will be the seed of him a sojourner in a land strange and they will enslave it will mistreat [it] years four hundred

Acts 7:7
And the nation to which if they will be in bondage will judge I - God said after these things they will come forth will serve Me in the place this

Acts 7:9
And the patriarchs having envied - Joseph sold [him] into Egypt But was - God with him

Acts 7:17
As now was drawing near the time of the promise that had made - God - to Abraham increased people and multiplied in Egypt

Acts 7:25
He was supposing now to understand the brothers of him that - God by [the] hand of him is giving salvation them - but not they understood

Acts 7:27
The [one] however mistreating the neighbor pushed away him having said Who you appointed ruler and judge over us

Acts 7:31
- And Moses having seen [it] marveled at the vision coming near then of him to behold [it] there was [the] voice of [the] Lord

Acts 7:32
I [am] the God of the fathers of you of Abraham and of Isaac of Jacob Terrified then having become Moses not he dared to look

Acts 7:33
Said then to him the Lord Take off the sandal of the feet of you - for the place on which you stand ground holy is

Acts 7:35
This - Moses whom they rejected having said Who you appointed ruler and judge him whom God [as] redeemer sent by [the] hand of [the] angel - having appeared to him in the bush

Acts 7:37
This is the Moses - having said to the sons of Israel A prophet for you will raise up God out from the brothers of you like me

Acts 7:38
This is the [one] having been in the congregation wilderness with the angel - speaking to him the Mount Sinai and of the fathers of us who received oracles living to give to us

Acts 7:40
having said - to Aaron Make us gods who will go before us - As for Moses this who brought out us from [the] land of Egypt not we know what has happened to him

Acts 7:42
Turned away however - God and delivered them to worship the host of heaven as it has been written in [the] book of the prophets Not slain beasts sacrifices did you offer to Me years forty in wilderness O house of Israel

Acts 7:44
The tabernacle of the testimony was with fathers of us in the wilderness just as had commanded the [One] speaking - to Moses to make it according to the pattern that he had seen

Acts 7:45
which also brought [it] having received by succession the fathers of us with Joshua in the taking possession of the nations whom drove out - God from [the] face of the fathers until the days of David

Acts 7:48
Yet not the Most High in hand-made [houses] dwells As prophet says

Acts 7:49
- Heaven [is] to Me a throne - and the earth a footstool of the feet of Me What kind of house will you build Me says [the] Lord or what [is] [the] place of the rest

Acts 8:13
- And Simon also himself believed and having been baptized was steadfastly continuing - with Philip Beholding then [the] signs miracles great being performed he was amazed

Acts 8:18
Having seen now - of Simon that through the laying on of the hands of the apostles was given the Spirit he offered to them money

Acts 8:24
Answering now - Simon said Pray earnestly you on behalf of me to the Lord so that nothing may come upon me of which you have spoken

Acts 8:30
Having run up then - Philip heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and said Then also understand you what you are reading

Acts 8:31
- And he said How for - could I be able if not someone will guide me He invited then - Philip having come up to sit with him

Acts 8:34
Answering now the eunuch - to Philip said I pray you concerning whom prophet says this himself or other some

Acts 8:35
Having opened then - Philip the mouth of him and having begun from the Scripture this he proclaimed the good news to him - Jesus

Acts 8:36
As then they were going along the road they came upon some water and says the eunuch Behold water what prevents me to be baptized

Acts 8:37
said then - Philip If you believe from all the heart it is lawful He answered and he said I believe the Son - of God to be - Jesus Christ

Acts 8:38
And he commanded to stop the chariot they went down both to water - both Philip the eunuch he baptized him

Acts 8:39
When now they came up out of the water [the] Spirit of [the] Lord carried away - Philip and not saw him no longer the eunuch he went for the way of him rejoicing

Acts 9:1
- But Saul still breathing out threats and murder toward the disciples of the Lord having gone to the high priest

Acts 9:5
He said then Who are You Lord - And [He said] I am Jesus whom you are persecuting [It is] hard for you against [the] goads to kick He trembling both and being astonished said what me do you want to do

Acts 9:6
But rise up and enter into the city it will be told you that what you it behooves to do

Acts 9:10
There was now a certain disciple in Damascus named Ananias And said to him a vision the Lord Ananias - And he said Behold me Lord

Acts 9:11
- And the Lord to him [said] Having risen up go into the Street - called Straight and seek in [the] house of Judas Saul named of Tarsus Behold for he is praying

Acts 9:15
Said however to him the Lord Go for a vessel of choice is to Me this [man] - to carry the name of Me before the Gentiles and also kings [the] sons then of Israel

Acts 9:17
Went away then Ananias and entered into the house having laid upon him the hands he said Saul Brother the Lord has sent me Jesus the [One] having appeared to you on the road by which you were coming that you may see again be filled [of the] Spirit Holy

Acts 9:20
And immediately in the synagogues he began proclaiming - Jesus that He is the Son - of God

Acts 9:21
Were amazed then all - hearing and were saying Not this is the [one] having ravaged in Jerusalem those calling on the name this here for he had come that having been bound them he might bring to the chief priests

Acts 9:22
Saul however all the more was empowered and kept confounding the Jews - dwelling in Damascus proving that this is the Christ

Acts 9:34
And said to him - Peter Aeneas heals you Jesus Christ rise up make the bed for yourself immediately he rose up

Acts 9:40
Having put then outside all - Peter and having bowed the knees he prayed having turned to the body he said Tabitha arise - And she opened the eyes of her having seen - Peter she sat up

Luke 1:13
Said then to him the angel Not fear Zechariah because has been heard the prayer of you and wife Elizabeth will bear a son to you you shall call the name of him John

Luke 1:19
And answering the angel said to him I am Gabriel the [one] standing before - God I was sent to speak to you to bring glad tidings to you these

Luke 1:21
And were the people expecting - Zechariah they were wondering at the delaying in the temple of him

Luke 1:26
In now the month - sixth was sent the angel Gabriel by - God to a city - of Galilee whose name [was] Nazareth

Luke 1:28
And having come to her he said Greetings [you] favored with grace The Lord [is] with you Blessed [are] you among woman

Luke 1:29
- And at the statement she was troubled and was pondering what kind might be the salutation this

Luke 1:30
And said the angel to her Not fear Mary you have found for favor with - God

Luke 1:32
He will be great and Son of [the] Most High He will be called will give Him [the] Lord - God the throne of David of the father of Him

Luke 1:35
And answering the angel said to her [the] Spirit Holy will come upon you power of [the] Most High will overshadow you therefore also the being born Holy [One] will be called [the] Son of God

Luke 1:38
Said then Mary Behold the handmaid of [the] Lord May it happen to me according to the word of you And departed from her the angel

Luke 1:42
and she cried out in a voice loud said Blessed are you among women blessed is the fruit of the womb of you

Luke 1:49
For has done to me great things the Mighty One And holy [is] the name of Him

Luke 1:57
To now Elizabeth was fulfilled the time - to give birth for her and she bore a son

Luke 1:67
And Zechariah the father of him was filled with [the] Spirit Holy prophesied saying

Luke 1:68
Blessed be [the] Lord the God - of Israel because He has visited and has performed redemption [on] the people of Him

Luke 10:1
After now these things appointed the Lord also others seventy two and sent them in two [by] before [the] face of Himself into every city place where was about He Himself to go

Luke 10:2
He was saying then to them The indeed harvest [is] plentiful - but the workmen [are] few Pray earnestly to therefore the Lord of the harvest that workmen He may send out into the harvest of Him

Luke 10:7
In the same now - house remain eating and drinking the things [supplied] by them worthy [is] for the workman of the wages of him Not move from house to house

Luke 10:16
The [one] hearing you Me hears and rejecting you Me rejects now the [One] having sent Me

Luke 10:21
In the same - hour He rejoiced in the Spirit - Holy and said I fully consent to You Father Lord of the heaven of the earth that You have hidden these things from wise intelligent have revealed them to little children yes - Father for thus well-pleasing was it before You

Luke 10:22
All things to Me have been delivered by the Father of Me And no one knows who is the Son if not Father Father to whom if might resolve to reveal [Him]

Luke 10:26
- And He said to him In the law what has been written How read you

Luke 10:27
- And answering he said You shall love [the] Lord the God of you with all the heart and with all the soul strength mind neighbor as yourself

Luke 10:29
- But desiring to justify himself he said to - Jesus And who is my neighbor

Luke 10:30
Having taken [it] up then - Jesus said A man certain was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho and robbers fell among who both having stripped him wounds having inflicted went away having left [him] half dead

Luke 10:35
And on the next day having taken out two denarii he gave [them] to the innkeeper said Take care of him whatever more - you might expend of me on - returning I will repay you

Luke 10:37
- And he said The [one] having shown - compassion toward him Said then to him Jesus Go and you do likewise

Luke 10:41
Answering now said to her the Lord Martha you are anxious and troubled about many things

Luke 11:2
He said then to them When you pray say Father of us who [is] in - heaven hallowed be the name of You Come the kingdom let be done - will as heaven [so] also upon the earth

Luke 11:6
since a friend of my is come off a journey to me and nothing I have what I will set before him

Luke 11:10
Everyone for - asking receives and the [one] seeking finds to the [one] knocking it will be opened

Luke 11:11
Which now of you who [is] a father will ask for the son a fish and instead of a fish a serpent to him will he give

Luke 11:13
If therefore you evil being know gifts good to give to the children of you how much more the Father who [is] in heaven will give [the] Spirit Holy to those asking Him

Luke 11:14
And He was casting out a demon it was mute it came to pass then the demon having gone out spoke the mute [man] marveled the crowds

Luke 11:18
If now also - Satan against himself is divided how will stand the kingdom of him For you say by Beelzebul cast out I the demons

Luke 11:21
When the strong [man] being armed might guard - his house in peace are the possessions of him

Luke 11:23
The [one] not being with Me against is and gathering scatters

Luke 11:30
As for was - Jonah to the Ninevites a sign thus will be also the Son - of Man to the generation this

Luke 11:34
The lamp of your body is eye of you When clear is also all the body light when however evil it be [is] dark

Luke 11:36
If therefore the body of you [is] full of light not having part any dark it will be light all as when the lamp - shining might light you

Luke 11:38
- And the Pharisee having seen [it] marveled that not first He washed before the dinner

Luke 11:39
Said then the Lord to him Now you - Pharisees the outside of the cup and of the dish you cleanse - and the inside of you is full of plundering wickedness

Luke 11:40
Fools [Did] not the [One] having made the outside also inside make

Luke 11:46
- And He said Also to you the lawyers woe For you burden the men [with] burdens heavy to bear and yourselves with one of the fingers of you not do touch the burdens

Luke 12:2
Nothing now concealed up is which not will be revealed nor hidden not will be known

Luke 12:3
Instead that whatever in the darkness you have said the light will be heard and what into the ear you have spoken the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops

Luke 12:8
I say now to you everyone who - will confess in Me before the men also the Son - of Man will confess him angels of God

Luke 12:9
the [one] now having denied Me before - men will be denied the angels - of God

Luke 12:14
- And He said to him Man who Me appointed a judge or partitioner over you

Luke 12:20
Said then to him - God Fool This - night the soul of you is required of you what now you did prepare to whom will [it] be

Luke 12:21
So [is] the [one] treasuring up for himself and not toward God being rich

Luke 12:24
Consider the ravens that not they sow nor reap to them not there is a storehouse nor barn and - God feeds them How much more you are valuable than the birds

Luke 12:28
If however in [the] field the grass being [here] today and tomorrow into the furnace being thrown - God thus clothes how much more you O [you] of little faith

Luke 12:30
these things for all the nations of the world seek after of you now the Father knows that you have need of these

Luke 12:32
Not fear - little flock for took delight the Father of you to give you the kingdom

Luke 12:34
Where for is the treasure of you there also the heart will be

Luke 12:37
Blessed [are] the servants those whom having come the master will find watching Truly I say to you that he will gird himself and will make recline them having come up will serve them

Luke 12:39
This however know that if had known the master of the house in what hour thief is coming he would have watched not - and he would have allowed to be broken into the house of him

Luke 12:40
Also you be ready for in the hour not you expect the Son - of Man comes

Luke 12:41
Said then - Peter Lord to us the parable this speak You or also all

Luke 12:42
And said the Lord Who then is faithful manager [and] the wise whom will set master over the care [of servants] of him - to give [them] in season the measure of food

Luke 12:43
Blessed [is] the servant that whom having come master of him will find doing thus

Luke 12:45
If however should say the servant that in the heart of him Delays master of Me to come and should begin to beat the men-servants the maid-servants to eat also to drink to get drunk

Luke 12:46
will come the master of the servant that in a day in which not he does expect and an hour that he knows he will cut in two him the place of him with the unbelievers will appoint

Luke 12:47
That now - servant the [one] having known the will of the master of him and not having prepared nor having done according to will be beaten with many [blows]

Luke 12:48
the [one] however not having known having done [things] worthy of stripes will be beaten with few Everyone now to whom has been given much much will be required from him and has been committed much the more will they ask of him

Luke 12:58
As for you are going with the adversary of you before a magistrate in the way give earnestness to be set free from him lest ever he should drag away you to the judge and the judge will deliver to the officer officer will cast into prison

Luke 13:4
Or those - ten [and] eight on whom fell the tower in - Siloam and killed them think you that these debtors were beyond all the men - dwelling in Jerusalem

Luke 13:8
- And answering he says to him Sir let alone it also this the year until when I shall dig around and put [in] manure

Luke 13:12
Having seen then her - Jesus called [her] near and said to her Woman you have been freed from the sickness of you

Luke 13:14
Answering now the ruler of the synagogue indignant because on the Sabbath had healed - Jesus he was saying to the crowd - Six days there are in which it behooves to work these therefore coming be healed and not on the day of the Sabbath

Luke 13:15
Answered therefore him the Lord and said Hypocrites Each one of you on the Sabbath not does he untie the ox of him or donkey from the stall having led [it] away give [it] to drink

Luke 13:16
This now a daughter of Abraham being whom has bound - Satan behold ten and eight years not ought [she] to be loosed from the bond this on the day of the Sabbath

Luke 13:17
And these things on saying of Him were ashamed all those opposed to Him all the crowd was rejoicing at all the glorious things that were being done by Him

Luke 13:23
Said then one to Him Lord if [are] few those being saved - And He said to them

Luke 13:25
From what - shall have risen up the master of the house and shall have shut the door then you should begin outside to stand to knock at the saying Lord open to us he answering will say to you Not I do know you from where are

Luke 13:28
There will be the weeping and gnashing of the teeth when you see Abraham Isaac Jacob all the prophets in the kingdom - of God you however are being cast out

Luke 13:35
Behold is left to you the house of you I say now no not shall you see Me until [the time] comes when you say Blessed is the [One] coming in [the] name of [the] Lord

Luke 14:3
And answering - Jesus spoke to the lawyers to [the] Pharisees saying Is it lawful on the Sabbath to heal or not

Luke 14:9
and having come the [one] you him having invited will say to you Give to this one [your] place then you should begin with shame the last place to take

Luke 14:10
But when you are invited having gone recline in the last place so that might come the [one] having invited you he will say to you Friend come up higher Then will be glory before all those reclining [with] you

Luke 14:11
For everyone - exalting himself will be humbled and the [one] humbling will be exalted

Luke 14:16
- But He said to him A man certain was preparing a supper great and invited many

Luke 14:18
And began with one [voice] all to excuse themselves The first said to him A field I have bought I have need going out to see it I beg of you hold me excused

Luke 14:21
And having come the servant reported to the master of him these things Then having become angry master of the house said to servant Go out quickly into the streets lanes of the city the poor crippled blind lame bring in here

Luke 14:22
And said the servant Sir it has been done as you did command still room there is

Luke 14:23
And said the master to the servant Go out into the highways hedges compel [them] to come in so that may be filled of me house

Luke 14:30
saying - This - man began to build and not was able to finish

Luke 14:35
Neither for soil nor manure fit is it out they cast it The [one] having ears to hear let him hear

Luke 15:12
And said the younger of them to [the] father Father give to me the falling [to me] portion of the property - And he divided between them the property

Luke 15:13
And after not many days having gathered together all the younger son went away into a country distant there he wasted the estate of him living prodigally

Luke 15:20
And having risen up he went to the father of himself Still now he far being distant saw him the father of him was moved with compassion having run fell upon neck kissed him

Luke 15:21
Said then the son to him Father I have sinned against - heaven and before you no longer am I worthy to be called son of you make me as one of the hired servants of you

Luke 15:22
Said then the father to the servants of him Quickly bring out robe the best and clothe him give a ring for hand sandals his feet

Luke 15:24
For this - son of mine dead was and is alive again he was lost is found they began to be merry

Luke 15:25
Was now the son of him elder in [the] field and while coming [up] he drew near to the house he heard music dancing

Luke 15:27
- And he said to him - The brother of you is come and has killed father the calf - fattened because in good health him he has received

Luke 15:28
He was angry however and not was willing to go in - And the father of him having gone was begging him

Luke 15:29
- And answering he said to [the] father of him Behold so many years I serve you and never a commandment of you I disobeyed to me did you give a young goat that with the friends of me I might make merry

Luke 15:30
When however the son of you this the [one] having devoured your - living with prostitutes came you have killed for him the fattened calf

Luke 15:31
- And he said to him Son you always with me are and all that [is] mine yours is

Luke 15:32
To make merry however and to rejoice it was fitting because the brother of you this dead was is alive again he was lost is found

Luke 16:3
Said then within himself the manager What shall I do for master of me is taking away the management from me To dig not I am able to beg I am ashamed

Luke 16:6
- And he said A hundred baths of oil to him Take your the bill and having sat down quickly write fifty

Luke 16:7
Then to another he said You now how much owe - And A hundred cors of wheat He says to him Take your - bill and write eighty

Luke 16:8
And praised the master the manager - unrighteous because shrewdly he had acted For the sons of the age this more shrewd than the sons of the light in the generation - of themselves are

Luke 16:10
The [one] faithful with very little also much faithful is and unrighteous unrighteous

Luke 16:15
And He said to them You are those justifying themselves before - men - but God knows the hearts of you for that which among men [is] exalted [is] an abomination - God

Luke 16:16
The law and the prophets [were] until John from that time the kingdom - of God is proclaimed everyone into it forces his way

Luke 16:18
Everyone - putting away the wife of him and marrying another commits adultery the [one] her put away from a husband

Luke 16:22
It came to pass that then died the poor man and was carried away he by the angels into bosom of Abraham Died also the rich man was buried

Luke 16:30
- And he said No father Abraham but if one from [the] dead should go to them they will repent

Luke 17:3
Take heed to yourselves If should sin the brother of you rebuke him and he should repent forgive

Luke 17:6
Said then the Lord If you have faith like a grain of mustard you would have said - to the mulberry tree this Be uprooted and be planted in the sea it would have obeyed you

Luke 17:10
Thus also you when you may have done all the [things] having been commanded you say - Servants unworthy are we that which we were bound to do we have done

Luke 17:17
Having answered then - Jesus said Not the ten were cleansed - But the nine are where

Luke 17:18
None was there found having returned to give glory - to God if not the foreigner this

Luke 17:24
As for the lightning flashing from the [one end] of the sky to the [other end] of the shines thus will be the Son - of Man in the day of Him

Luke 17:27
They were eating they were drinking they were marrying they were being given in marriage until that day entered Noah into the ark and came the flood destroyed all

Luke 17:30
According - to these will it be in that day the Son - of Man is revealed

Luke 17:31
In that - day the [one who] will be on the housetop and the goods of him the house not let him come down to take away them the [one] [the] field likewise let him return to the things behind

Luke 17:34
I say to you in that - night there will be two upon bed one The one will be taken and other will be left

Luke 17:36
Two will be in the field the one will be taken and other will be left

Luke 17:37
And answering they say to Him Where Lord - And He said to them Where the body [is] there also the vultures will be gathered together

Luke 18:6
Said then the Lord Hear what judge - unrighteous says

Luke 18:7
- And God no not shall execute the avenging of the elect of Him the [ones] crying out to Him day and night be deferring in regard to them

Luke 18:8
I say to you that He will execute the avenging of them in quickness Nevertheless the Son - of Man having come indeed will He find - faith on the earth

Luke 18:10
Men two went up into the temple to pray the one a Pharisee and other a tax collector

Luke 18:11
The Pharisee having stood thus toward himself was praying - God I thank You that not I am like the rest of the men swindlers unrighteous adulterers or even like this - tax collector

Luke 18:13
- But the tax collector afar off standing not was willing not even the eyes to lift up to - heaven but was striking the breast of himself saying - God be merciful to me the sinner

Luke 18:14
I say to you went down this one justified to the house of him rather than that For everyone - exalting himself will be humbled the [one] however humbling will be exalted

Luke 18:16
- But Jesus having called to [Him] them said Permit the little children to come to Me and not do forbid them of the for such is the kingdom - of God

Luke 18:19
Said then to him - Jesus Why Me call you good No one [is] good if not alone God

Luke 18:21
- And he said These all have I kept from [the] youth of me

Luke 18:22
Having heard then - Jesus said to him Yet one thing to you is lacking All as much as you have sell and distribute to [the] poor you will have treasure in the heavens come follow Me

Luke 18:23
- And having heard these things very sorrowful he became he was for rich extremely

Luke 18:24
Having seen then him - Jesus sorrowful became saying How difficultly those - riches having into the kingdom - of God shall enter

Luke 18:27
- But He said The things impossible with men possible - God are

Luke 18:28
Said then - Peter Behold we having left the own followed You

Luke 18:29
- And He said to them Truly I say to you that no one there is who has left house or wife brothers parents children for the sake of the kingdom - of God

Luke 18:37
They told then him - Jesus of Nazareth is passing by

Luke 18:40
Having stopped then - Jesus commanded him to be brought to Him Having drawn near him He asked

Luke 18:41
What to you desire you I shall do - And he said Lord that I might receive sight

Luke 18:42
And - Jesus said to him Receive sight The faith of you has healed you

Luke 18:43
And immediately he received sight began following Him glorifying - God all the people having seen [it] gave praise - to God

Luke 19:5
And as He came to the place having looked up - Jesus said to him Zacchaeus having hurried come down today for in the house of you it behooves Me to stay

Luke 19:9
Said then to him - Jesus - Today salvation to the house this has come because also he a son of Abraham is

Luke 19:10
Came for the Son - of Man to seek and to save that having been lost

Luke 19:16
Came up then the first saying Lord the mina of you ten has produced more minas

Luke 19:18
And came the second saying The mina of you Lord has made five minas

Luke 19:20
And - another came saying Lord behold the mina of you which I kept lying away in a piece of cloth

Luke 19:21
I was afraid for of you because a man harsh you are You take up what not you did lay down and you reap you did sow

Luke 19:22
He says to him Out of the mouth of you I will judge you evil servant You knew that I a man harsh am taking up what not I did lay down and reaping I did sow

Luke 19:26
I say to you that to everyone - having will be given from however the [one] not having even that which he has will be taken away

Luke 19:31
And if anyone you asks Because of why do you untie [it] thus will you say Because the Lord of it need has

Luke 19:34
- And they said - The Lord of it need has

Luke 19:38
saying Blessed is the coming - King in [the] name of [the] Lord heaven peace and glory [the] highest

Luke 19:46
saying to them It has been written And will be the house of Me a house of prayer You however it have made a den of robbers

Luke 19:48
And not they found - what they might do the people for all were hanging on His [words] listening

Luke 2:10
And said to them the angel Not fear behold for I bring good news to you [of] joy great which will be to all the people

Luke 2:15
And it came to pass as were departing from them into the heaven the angels shepherds were saying to one another Let us go through indeed as far as Bethlehem let us see the word this that has come to pass which the Lord has made known to us

Luke 2:25
And behold a man there was in Jerusalem whose name [was] Simeon the man this [was] righteous devout waiting for [the] consolation - of Israel [the] Spirit was Holy upon him

Luke 2:31
which You have prepared before [the] face of all the peoples

Luke 2:33
And were the father of Him the mother marveling at the things having been spoken concerning Him

Luke 2:43
and having completed the days in the returning of them remained behind Jesus the boy Jerusalem But not knew the parents of Him

Luke 2:48
And having seen Him they were astonished said to the mother of Him Child why have You done to us thus Behold the father of You and I distressing were seeking You

Luke 2:50
And they not understood the word that He spoke to them

Luke 20:2
and spoke saying to Him Tell us by what authority these things You do or who is the [one] having given to You the authority this

Luke 20:6
If however we should say From men the people all will stone us having been persuaded for they are John a prophet to be

Luke 20:8
And - Jesus said to them Neither I tell you by what authority these things I am doing

Luke 20:13
Said then the master of the vineyard What shall I do I will send the son of me beloved perhaps him they will respect

Luke 20:14
Having seen now him the farmers began reasoning among themselves saying This is the heir let us kill him so that ours might become the inheritance

Luke 20:15
And having cast forth him outside the vineyard they killed [him] What therefore will do to them the master of the

Luke 20:17
- But having looked at them He said What then is that has been written this [The] stone which rejected those building this has become into [the] head of [the] corner

Luke 20:18
Everyone - falling on that - stone will be broken on whomever but - it might fall it will grind into powder him

Luke 20:25
- And He said to them Therefore give back the things of Caesar to Caesar and - of God - to God

Luke 20:28
saying Teacher Moses wrote to us if anyone’s brother should die having a wife and he childless is that should take the of him the wife should raise up seed to the brother

Luke 20:29
Seven therefore brothers there were and the first having taken a wife died childless

Luke 20:30
and the second as the wife he died childless

Luke 20:31
and the third took her likewise then also the seven not did leave children died

Luke 20:34
And said to them - Jesus The sons of the age this marry are given in marriage

Luke 21:8
- And He said Take heed lest you be led astray many for will come in the name of Me saying I am [He] and The time is drawn near Not go after them

Luke 21:33
The heaven and the earth will pass away - but the words of Me no not

Luke 21:38
And all the people would come early in the morning to Him in the temple to hear Him

Luke 22:10
- And He said to them Behold having entered of you into the city will meet you a man a pitcher of water carrying follow him house which he enters

Luke 22:11
and you shall say to the master of the house Says to you the Teacher Where is the guest room where the Passover with the disciples of Me I may eat

Luke 22:22
For the Son indeed of man according to that having been determined goes but woe to the man that by whom He is betrayed

Luke 22:23
And they began to question among themselves - who then it might be of them who this is about to do

Luke 22:25
- And He said to them The kings of the Gentiles rule over them and those exercising authority over benefactors are called

Luke 22:26
You however not thus [shall be] Instead the greatest among you let him be as younger and the [one] leading serving

Luke 22:27
Who for [is] greater the [one] reclining or serving [Is] not I however in [the] midst of you am as

Luke 22:29
And I appoint to you as appointed to Me the Father of Me a kingdom

Luke 22:31
Simon Behold - Satan demanded to have all of you - to sift like - wheat

Luke 22:33
- And he said to Him Lord with You ready I am both to prison and death to go

Luke 22:34
- And He said I tell you Peter not will crow today [the] rooster until three times Me you will deny not knowing

Luke 22:36
He said then to them But now the [one] having a purse let him take [it] likewise also a bag and not let him sell the cloak of him buy [one] a sword

Luke 22:38
- And they said Lord behold swords here [are] two - He said to them Enough it is

Luke 22:44
And having been in agony more earnestly He was praying became the sweat of Him like great drops of blood falling down upon the ground

Luke 22:47
While still of Him speaking behold a crowd and he who is called Judas one of the Twelve was going before them he drew near - to Jesus to kiss Him

Luke 22:51
Answering now - Jesus said Allow you as far as thus And having touched the ear He healed him

Luke 22:54
Having seized then Him they led [Him] away and led [Him] into the house of the high priest - And Peter was following afar off

Luke 22:55
They having kindled then a fire in [the] midst of the courtyard and having sat down together was sitting - Peter among them

Luke 22:57
- But he denied [it] saying Not I do know Him woman

Luke 22:58
And after a little another having seen him was saying Also you of them are - But Peter Man not I am

Luke 22:60
Said however - Peter Man not I know what you say And immediately while he was speaking of him crowed the rooster

Luke 22:61
And having turned the Lord looked at - Peter remembered - Peter the word of the Lord how He had said to him - Before [the] rooster crows today you will deny Me three times

Luke 22:64
And having blindfolded Him they were striking his - face and they were questioning [Him] saying Prophesy who is the [one] having struck You

Luke 22:67
If You are the Christ tell us He said then to them If you I should tell no not would you believe

Luke 22:69
From - now on also will be the Son of Man sitting at [the] right hand of the power of God

Luke 22:70
They said then all You then are the Son - of God - And to them He was saying You say that I am

Luke 23:3
- And Pilate questioned Him saying You are the King of the Jews answering him He was saying say

Luke 23:4
- And Pilate said to the chief priests and crowds Not find I guilt in the man this

Luke 23:6
Pilate now having heard asked whether the man a Galilean is

Luke 23:8
- And Herod having seen - Jesus [was] glad exceedingly he was for of a long time wishing to see Him because of - hearing concerning Him and he was hoping some sign by done

Luke 23:11
Having set at naught then Him also - Herod with the troops of him and having mocked [Him] having put on [Him] apparel splendid sent back to Pilate

Luke 23:12
Became then friends - both Herod and - Pilate on that - day with one another previously it had been that for at enmity they were between themselves

Luke 23:20
Again therefore - Pilate called to them wishing to release - Jesus

Luke 23:22
- And a third [time] he said to them What for evil did commit this [man] No cause of death found I in Him Having chastised therefore Him I will release [Him]

Luke 23:34
- And Jesus was saying Father forgive them not for they know what they do Dividing then the garments of Him they cast lots

Luke 23:35
And stood the people beholding Were deriding [Him] then also the rulers saying Others He saved let Him save Himself if this is