What does ἔλεγον mean in the Greek?

Parse: Verb, Imperfect Indicative Active, 1st Person Singular
Root: G2036 (λέγω)
Sense: to speak, say (more info)

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How ἔλεγον is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
i was saying 1
they kept saying 1
were saying 40
kept telling 1
was asking 1
they began to say 1
they began declaring 1
they were saying 19
telling 1
were speaking of 1
of them were saying 1
began saying 1
said 1
i have been saying 1
saying 1
kept saying 1
i told 1

Verses with ἔλεγον

2 Thessalonians 2:5
Not do you remember that yet being with you these things I was saying to you
Acts 12:15
- And to her they said You are out of your mind - But she kept insisting [it] so to be they kept saying The angel it is of him
Acts 17:18
Some then also of the Epicureans and Stoics philosophers encountered him And some were saying What - may desire of the babbler this to say Others however Of foreign gods he seems a proclaimer to be because - Jesus the resurrection he was proclaiming the gospel of
Acts 2:13
Others however mocking were saying - Of new wine full they are
Acts 21:4
Having sought out then the disciples we remained there days seven who - to Paul kept telling through the Spirit not to go up to Jerusalem
Acts 25:20
Being perplexed now I - concerning this inquiry was asking if he was willing to go to Jerusalem and there to be judged these things
Acts 28:4
When then saw the natives hanging the beast from the hand of him to one another they began to say By all means a murderer is the man this whom having been saved sea - Justice to live not has permitted
Acts 28:6
- But they were expecting him to be about to become inflamed or to fall down suddenly dead A while great however of them waiting and seeing nothing amiss to happening having changed their opinion they began declaring to be a god
Acts 9:21
Were amazed then all - hearing and were saying Not this is the [one] having ravaged in Jerusalem those calling on the name this here for he had come that having been bound them he might bring to the chief priests
Luke 22:65
And other things many blaspheming they were saying to Him
Luke 24:10
It was now - Magdalene Mary and Joanna the [mother] of James the other women with them telling to the apostles these things
Luke 4:22
And all were bearing witness to Him marveling at the words of the grace that are proceeding out of the mouth of Him they were saying Not the son is of Joseph this
Luke 9:31
Those having appeared in glory were speaking of the going out of Him which He was about to accomplish Jerusalem
Mark 11:5
And some of those there standing were saying to them What are you doing untying the colt
Mark 11:28
And they were saying to Him By what authority these things are You doing Or who You gave the authority this that You should do
Mark 14:2
They were saying for Not during the feast lest ever there will be an uproar of the people
Mark 14:31
- And emphatically he kept saying If it is needful of me to die with You no not You will I deny Likewise now also all of them were saying
Mark 14:70
- But again he denied And after a little those standing by were saying - to Peter Truly of them you are also for a Galilean and the speech of you agrees
Mark 15:31
Likewise also the chief priests mocking among one another with the scribes were saying Others He saved Himself not He is able to save
Mark 15:35
And some of those standing by having heard were saying Behold Elijah He calls
Mark 16:3
And they were saying among themselves Who will roll away for us the stone from the door of the tomb
Mark 2:16
And the scribes of the Pharisees having seen Him eating with the sinners tax collectors were saying to the disciples of Him Why does He eat
Mark 2:24
And the Pharisees were saying to Him Behold why do they on the Sabbaths that which not is lawful
Mark 3:21
And having heard [of it] those belonging to Him went out to seize Him they were saying for - He is out of His mind
Mark 3:22
And the scribes those from Jerusalem having come down were saying - Beelzebul He has By the prince of the demons He casts out the demons
Mark 3:30
For they were saying A spirit unclean he has
Mark 4:41
And they feared [with] fear great were saying to each other Who then this is that even the wind the sea obey Him
Mark 5:31
And were saying to Him the disciples of Him You see the crowd pressing in on You say You Who Me touched
Mark 6:14
And heard - King Herod well known for became the name of Him they were saying - John the [one] baptizing is risen out from [the] dead because of this operate the miraculous powers in him
Mark 6:15
Others however were saying - Elijah He is now A prophet like one of the prophets
Mark 6:35
And already the hour late being having come to Him the disciples of Him were saying - Desolate is the place already [it is] an hour late
Matthew 12:23
And were amazed all the crowds were saying Whether this is the Son of David
Matthew 21:11
- And the crowds were saying This is the prophet Jesus the [One] from Nazareth - of Galilee
Matthew 26:5
They were saying however Not during the feast that a riot there be among the people
Matthew 27:41
Likewise also the chief priests mocking with the scribes and elders were saying
Matthew 27:47
Some then of those who there were standing having heard began saying - Elijah calls this [man]
Matthew 27:49
- And the rest were saying Let be Let us see whether comes Elijah to save Him more moreover having taken a spear pierced of him the side and flowed water blood
Matthew 9:11
And having seen [it] the Pharisees said to disciples of Him Because of why with the tax collectors sinners eats the Teacher of you
Matthew 9:34
The now Pharisees were saying By the prince of the demons He casts out - demons
2 Corinthians 9:3
I have sent however the brothers that not the boasting of us which [is] about you should be made void in the matter this as I have been saying prepared you may be
John 10:20
Were saying now many of them A demon He has and is insane why Him do you listen to
John 10:21
Others were saying These - sayings not are [those] of one possessed by a demon Not a demon is able of [the] blind [the] eyes to open
John 10:24
Encircled therefore Him the Jews and they were saying to Him Until when the soul of us hold You in suspense If You are the Christ tell us plainly
John 10:41
And many came to Him were saying - John indeed sign did no everything however that said about this [man] TRUE was
John 11:36
Were saying therefore the Jews Behold how He loved him
John 11:47
Gathered therefore the chief priests and Pharisees a council they were saying What are we to do For this - man many does signs
John 11:56
They were seeking therefore - Jesus and were saying among one another in the temple standing What does it seem to you that no not He will come to the feast
John 12:29
- Therefore the crowd having stood and having heard was saying Thunder there has been Others were saying An angel to Him has spoken
John 16:18
They were saying therefore This what is that He says a little [while] Not we do know what He is saying
John 19:3
and they began coming up to Him saying Hail - King of the Jews they kept giving Him blows with the palm
John 19:21
Were saying therefore - to Pilate the chief priests of the Jews Not write The King but that He said King I am of the Jews
John 20:25
Were saying therefore to him the other disciples We have seen the Lord - But he said to them If not I see in the hands of Him mark of the nails and put finger of me into mark the hand side no will I believe
John 4:33
Were saying therefore the disciples to one another No one did bring Him [anything] to eat
John 4:42
- and to the woman they were saying - No longer because of - your speech we believe we ourselves for have heard and we know that this is truly the Savior of the world
John 5:10
Were saying therefore the Jews to the [one] having been healed Sabbath it is and not it is lawful for you to take up the mat of you
John 6:14
The therefore people having seen what He had done [the] sign were saying - This is truly the Prophet who is coming into the world
John 6:42
And they were saying Not this is Jesus the son of Joseph of whom we know the father the mother How then says He - From - heaven I have come down
John 7:11
The therefore Jews were seeking Him at the feast and were saying Where is He
John 7:12
And murmuring about Him there was much among the crowds Some indeed were saying - Good He is Others however No but He deceives the people
John 7:25
Were saying therefore some of those of Jerusalem Not this is he whom they seek to kill
John 7:31
Out of the crowd now many believed in Him and were saying The Christ When He comes not more signs will He do than this [man] has done
John 7:40
[Some] of the crowd therefore having heard the words these were saying - This is truly the Prophet
John 7:41
Others were saying This is the Christ Others however Not indeed out of - Galilee Christ comes
John 8:6
This now they were saying testing Him so that they might have [grounds] to accuse Him - But Jesus down having stooped with [His] finger began writing on the ground
John 8:19
They were saying therefore to Him Where is the Father of You Answered Jesus Neither Me you know nor the Father of Me If you had known also - you would have known
John 8:22
Were saying therefore the Jews Not will He kill Himself that He says Where I go you not are able to come
John 8:25
They were saying therefore to Him You who are Said to them - Jesus From the beginning what also I am saying to you
John 9:8
The therefore neighbors and those having seen him - before that a beggar he was were saying Not this is he who was sitting begging
John 9:9
Some were saying - He it is but others No but like him he is He kept saying I am [he]
John 9:10
They were saying therefore to him How then were opened of you the eyes
John 9:16
Were saying therefore of the Pharisees some Not is this from God the man for the Sabbath not He does keep Others however How is able a man sinful such signs to do And division there was among them
Revelation 5:14
And the four living creatures kept saying Amen the elders fell down worshiped Him who lives for the ages of the ages
Philippians 3:18
Many for are walking [of] whom often I told you now indeed even weeping I say - [as] enemies of the cross - of Christ
Jude 1:18
that they were saying to you - In [the] last - time there will be scoffers after - their own passions following - of ungodlinesses
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Greek Commentary Search

Luke 9:31 Spake of his decease [ελεγον την εχοδον]
Imperfect active, were talking about his εχοδυς — exodus (departure from earth to heaven) very much like our English word “decease” (Latin decessus, a going away). The glorious light graphically revealed Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus about the very subject concerning which Peter had dared to rebuke Jesus for mentioning (Mark 8:32; Matthew 16:22). This very word εχοδυς — exodus (way out) in the sense of death occurs in 2 Peter 1:15 and is followed by a brief description of the Transfiguration glory. Other words for death (τανατος — thanatos) in the N.T. are εκβασις — ekbasis going out as departure (Hebrews 13:7), απιχις — aphixis departing (Acts 20:29), αναλυσις — analusis loosening anchor (2 Timothy 4:6) and αναλυσαι — analusai (Philemon 1:23). [source]
Philippians 3:18 I told you often [πολλακις ελεγον]
Imperfect active, repetition in Paul s warnings to them. [source]