What does זְכַרְיָ֥ה mean in the Hebrew?

Parse: Proper Noun, masculine singular
Root: H2148 (זְכַרְיָה, זְכַרְיָהוּ, זְכַרְיָה)
Sense: 11th in order of the minor prophets; a priest, son of Berechiah and grandson of Iddo, who, along with Haggai, directed the rebuilding of the temple in the days of Zerubbabel (more info)

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How זְכַרְיָ֥ה is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
zechariah 3

Verses with זְכַרְיָ֥ה

2 Kings 14:29
so rested Jeroboam with his fathers with the kings of Israel and reigned Zechariah his son in his place -
Nehemiah 12:41
And the priests Eliakim Maaseiah Minjamin Micaiah Elioenai Zechariah [and] Hananiah with trumpets
Nehemiah 8:4
So stood Ezra the scribe on a platform of wood which they had made for the purpose and stood beside him Mattithiah and Shema and Anaiah and Urijah and Hilkiah and Maaseiah at his right hand and at his left hand Pedaiah and Mishael and Malchijah and Hashum and Hashbadana Zechariah [and] Meshullam -
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