What does וַֽיהוָ֗ה mean in the Hebrew?

Parse: Conjunctive waw, Proper Noun, masculine singular
Root: H3068 (יהוה, יְהוִה)
Sense: the proper name of the one true God (more info)

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Frequency of וַֽיהוָ֗ה

How וַֽיהוָ֗ה is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
and yahweh 4
then yahweh 1
yahweh 1
but yahweh 1

Verses with וַֽיהוָ֗ה

Exodus 10:13
So stretched out Moses - his rod over the land of Egypt and Yahweh brought an wind east on the land all day that and all [that] night morning when it was and wind the east brought the locusts
Exodus 9:23
And stretched out Moses - his rod toward heaven and Yahweh sent thunder and hail and darted fire to the ground and rained Yahweh hail on the land of Egypt
Genesis 19:24
Then Yahweh rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from Yahweh out of the heavens
Job 42:10
And Yahweh restored - - losses of Job when he prayed for his friends and indeed gave Yahweh all the face of he had Job twice as [much] as before
Job 42:12
And Yahweh blessed - the latter [days] of Job more than his beginning for had he four [and] ten thousand sheep and six thousand camels and a thousand yoke of oxen and a thousand female donkeys
Joel 2:11
Yahweh gives voice before His army for great very His camp His strong [is] [the One] who executes His word For [is] great the day of Yahweh and terrible very and who can endure it
Jonah 1:4
But Yahweh sent out a wind great on the sea and there was a tempest mighty on the sea so that the ship was about to be broken up
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