What does גָּֽבֶר mean in the Hebrew?

Parse: Preposition, Proper Noun, feminine singular
Root: H6100 (עֶצְיׄון גֶּבֶר)
Sense: the last station during the exodus of the Israelites before they came to the wilderness of Zin; located near Elath at the head of the Gulf of Akaba (more info)

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Frequency of גָּֽבֶר

How גָּֽבֶר is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
ezion geber 3
a man 4

Verses with גָּֽבֶר

1 Kings 22:48
Jehoshaphat - made ships of Tarshish to go to Ophir for gold but never they sailed for - were wrecked the ships at Ezion Geber
2 Chronicles 20:36
And he allied himself with him to make ships to go to Tarshish and they made the ships in Ezion Geber
Jeremiah 31:22
How long will you gad about you daughter backsliding for has created Yahweh a new thing in the earth a woman shall encompass a man -
Job 33:29
behold all These things does God two or three times to a man
Job 4:17
Can a [mortal] man more than God be righteous lo than his Maker can be more pure a man
Numbers 33:35
And they departed from Abronah and camped at Ezion Geber
Proverbs 28:21
To show partiality of persons not [is] good and because for a piece of bread will transgress a man
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