What does גָּ֑בֶר mean in the Hebrew?

Parse: Conjunctive waw, Preposition, Proper Noun, feminine singular
Root: H6100 (עֶצְיׄון גֶּבֶר)
Sense: the last station during the exodus of the Israelites before they came to the wilderness of Zin; located near Elath at the head of the Gulf of Akaba (more info)

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Frequency of גָּ֑בֶר

How גָּ֑בֶר is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
ezion geber 2
[mighty] man 1
a man 2
of a husband 1

Verses with גָּ֑בֶר

Deuteronomy 2:8
And when we passed beyond our brothers the descendants of Esau who dwell in Seir away from the road of the plain away from Elath and Ezion Geber - and we turned and passed by way of the Wilderness of Moab
Isaiah 22:17
Indeed Yahweh will throw you away violently [mighty] man and will seize you surely
Job 22:2
can to God be profitable a man Though may be profitable to himself he who is wise
Job 34:9
For he has said nothing it profits a man that he should delight in God
Numbers 33:36
And they moved from Ezion Geber and camped in the Wilderness of Zin it [is] Kadesh
Proverbs 6:34
For jealousy [is] fury of a husband therefore not he will spare in the day of vengeance
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