What does בַּיהוָֽה mean in the Hebrew?

Parse: Preposition-b, Proper Noun, masculine singular
Root: H3068 (יהוה, יְהוִה)
Sense: the proper name of the one true God (more info)

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Frequency of בַּיהוָֽה

How בַּיהוָֽה is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
against yahweh 1
to yahweh 1
in yahweh 5

Verses with בַּיהוָֽה

2 Chronicles 12:2
And it came to pass in the year fifth of King Rehoboam [that] came up Shishak king of Egypt against Jerusalem because they had transgressed against Yahweh
2 Chronicles 28:19
For brought Yahweh - Judah low because of Ahaz king of Israel for he had encouraged moral decline in Judah and continually had been unfaithful to Yahweh
Joshua 22:27
but [that] a witness it [may be] between us and you and our generations after us that we may perform - the service of Yahweh before Him with our burnt offerings and with our sacrifices and with our peace offerings that not may say your descendants in time to come to our descendants no You have part in Yahweh
Psalms 104:34
May be sweet to Him my meditation I will be glad in Yahweh
Psalms 112:7
Of tidings evil not He will be afraid is steadfast His heart trusting in Yahweh
Psalms 40:3
And He has put in my mouth a song new Praise to our God will see [it] Many and fear and will trust in Yahweh
Zechariah 10:7
And shall be like a mighty man [Those of] Ephraim and shall rejoice their heart as if with wine and Yes their children shall see [it] and be glad shall rejoice in Yahweh
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