What does בַּיהוָ֑ה mean in the Hebrew?

Parse: Preposition-b, Proper Noun, masculine singular
Root: H3068 (יהוה, יְהוִה)
Sense: the proper name of the one true God (more info)

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Frequency of בַּיהוָ֑ה

How בַּיהוָ֑ה is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
to yahweh 1
against yahweh 2
in yahweh 7

Verses with בַּיהוָ֑ה

2 Chronicles 28:22
And in the time of distress his and increasingly King Ahaz became unfaithful to Yahweh That [was] King Ahaz
Leviticus 6:2
a person if sins and commits a trespass against Yahweh and by lying to his neighbor about what was delivered to him for safekeeping or about a pledge or about a robbery or if he has extorted - from his neighbor
Numbers 5:6
speak to the sons of Israel a man or woman when commits any sin that men commit in unfaithfulness against Yahweh and is guilty person that
Psalms 115:9
Israel trust in Yahweh their help and their shield He [is]
Psalms 118:8
[it is] better to trust in Yahweh Than to put confidence in man
Psalms 118:9
[it is] better to trust in Yahweh Than to put confidence in princes
Psalms 125:1
A Song of Ascents Those who trust in Yahweh [Are] like Mount Zion cannot [Which] be moved forever [but] abides
Psalms 21:7
For the king trusts in Yahweh and through the mercy of the Most High not he shall be moved
Psalms 32:10
Many sorrows [shall be] to the wicked but he who trusts in Yahweh mercy shall surround him
Psalms 35:9
And my soul shall be joyful in Yahweh it shall rejoice in His salvation
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