What does אֶ֣לֶף mean in the Hebrew?

Parse: Number, masculine singular construct
Root: H505 (אֶלֶף, אֶלֶף)
Sense: a thousand (more info)

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Frequency of אֶ֣לֶף

How אֶ֣לֶף is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
a thousand 7
of a thousand 1
thousand 2
thousand [shall flee] 1

Verses with אֶ֣לֶף

1 Chronicles 18:4
And took David from him a thousand chariots and seven thousand charioteers and twenty thousand soldiers foot soldiers and hamstrung David - all the chariot [horses] and except that he spared enough for of them a hundred chariots
1 Chronicles 19:6
And when saw the sons of Ammon that they had made themselves repulsive to David and sent Hanun and the sons of Ammon a thousand talents of silver to hire for themselves from - Mesopotamia and from Syrian Maachah Maachah and from Zobah chariots and horsemen
1 Chronicles 21:5
And gave Joab - the sum of the number of the people to David And all Israel [had] a thousand thousand and a hundred thousand men who drew the sword and Judah [had] four hundred and seventy men the sword
1 Chronicles 26:30
Of the Hebronite Hashabiah and his brothers men able a thousand and seven hundred upon had the oversight of Israel on the side of the Jordan west for all the business of Yahweh and in the service of the king
2 Chronicles 14:9
And came out against them Zerah the Ethiopian with an army of a thousand thousand and chariots three hundred and he came to Mareshah
2 Chronicles 30:24
For Hezekiah king of Judah gave to the assembly a thousand bulls and seven thousand sheep - and the leaders gave to the assembly bulls a thousand and sheep ten thousand and sanctified themselves of priests a great number
2 Kings 3:4
Now Mesha king of Moab was a sheepbreeder and he regularly paid the king of Israel a hundred thousand lambs and a hundred rams the wool of
2 Samuel 10:6
And when saw the sons of Ammon that they had made themselves repulsive to David and sent the sons of Ammon and hired - Aramean in Beth Rehob and Syrian Zoba twenty thousand foot soldiers and from the king of Maacah a thousand men and men From Tob two [and] ten men thousand
2 Samuel 18:12
But said the man to Joab - Though I were to receive in my hand a thousand [shekels] of silver not I would raise my hand against son of the king for in our hearing commanded the king you and Abishai Ittai saying Beware who [touches] the young man Absalom
Deuteronomy 1:11
Yahweh God of your fathers May make more numerous you than you are thousand a times and bless you as He has promised you
Isaiah 30:17
Thousand [shall flee] one at the threat of one at of five you shall flee until Till you are left as a pole on top of a mountain and as a banner a hill
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