What does אֲלָפִֽים mean in the Hebrew?

Parse: Number, masculine plural
Root: H505 (אֶלֶף, אֶלֶף)
Sense: a thousand (more info)

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Frequency of אֲלָפִֽים

How אֲלָפִֽים is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
thousand 9

Verses with אֲלָפִֽים

1 Chronicles 23:4
Of these [were] to look after the work of the house of Yahweh twenty and four thousand and [were] officers and judges six thousand
1 Kings 20:15
And he mustered - the young leaders of the provinces and there were two hundred two and thirty and after them he mustered - all the people the sons of Israel seven thousand
2 Chronicles 15:11
And they offered to Yahweh at time that from the spoil they had brought bulls seven hundred and sheep seven thousand
2 Chronicles 25:11
And Amaziah strengthened himself and leading - his people and he went to the Valley of Salt of salt and killed for of the sons of Seir ten thousand
2 Chronicles 29:33
And the consecrated things [were] bulls six hundred and sheep three thousand
Ezekiel 48:9
The district [shall] [be] that you shall set apart for Yahweh in length five and twenty thousand [cubits] and in width ten thousand
Ezekiel 48:13
And the Levites [shall] [have] [an] [area] Opposite the border of the priests five and twenty thousand [cubits] in length and in width Ten thousand entire its length [shall] [be] and twenty thousand and its width thousand
Ezekiel 48:16
And these [shall] [be] its measurements the side north five hundred [cubits] and four thousand and the side south five [shall] be hundred thousand and the side east hundred west hundred thousand
Numbers 31:32
And was the booty remaining from the plunder which had taken the men of war sheep six hundred thousand and seventy and five thousand
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