What does χιλιάσιν mean in the Greek?

Parse: Noun, Dative Feminine Plural
Root: G5505 (χιλιάς)
Sense: a thousand, the number one thousand (more info)

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English Occurance
thousand 1

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Luke 14:31
Or what king proceeding with another king to engage in war not having sat down first will take counsel whether able he is with ten thousand to meet the [one] with twenty thousand coming against him
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Luke 14:31 With ten thousand [εν δεκα χιλιασιν]
Literally, in ten thousand. See this so-called instrumental use of εν — en in Judges 1:14. Equipped in or with ten thousand. See note on Luke 1:17. Note μετα εικοσι χιλιαδων — meta eikosi chiliadōn just below (midst of twenty thousand).To meet (υπαντησαι — hupantēsai). Common verb (like απανταω — apantaō) from ανταω — antaō (αντα — anta end, face to face, from which αντι — anti) with preposition υπο — hupo (or απο — apo), to go to meet. Here it has a military meaning. [source]