What does χιλιάδων mean in the Greek?

Parse: Noun, Genitive Feminine Plural
Root: G5505 (χιλιάς)
Sense: a thousand, the number one thousand (more info)

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How χιλιάδων is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
thousand 2
of thousands 1

Verses with χιλιάδων

Luke 14:31
Or what king proceeding with another king to engage in war not having sat down first will take counsel whether able he is with ten thousand to meet the [one] with twenty thousand coming against him
Revelation 21:16
And the city foursquare lies the length of it [is] the same as also width he measured the city with the reed at stadia twelve thousand breadth height of it equal are
Revelation 5:11
And I looked I heard [the] voice of angels many around the throne of the living creatures of the elders was the number of them myriads of myriads thousands of thousands
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Revelation 21:16 Twelve thousand furlongs [επι σταδιων δωδεκα χιλιαδων]
This use of the genitive σταδιων — stadiōn with επι — epi is probably correct (reading of Aleph P), though A Q have σταδιους — stadious (more usual, but confusing here with χιλιαδων — chiliadōn). Thucydides and Xenophon use επι — epi with the genitive in a like idiom (in the matter of). It is not clear whether the 1500 miles (12,000 furlongs) is the measurement of each of the four sides or the sum total. Some of the rabbis argued that the walls of the New Jerusalem of Ezekiel would reach to Damascus and the height would be 1500 miles high.Equal (ισα — isa). That is, it is a perfect cube like the Holy of Holies in Solomon‘s temple (1 Kings 6:19.). This same measurement (πλατοσ μηκοσ υπσος — platosβατος — mēkoshupsos) is applied to Christ‘s love in Ephesians 3:18, with bathos (depth) added. It is useless to try to reduce the measurements or to put literal interpretations upon this highly wrought symbolic language. Surely the meaning is that heaven will be large enough for all, as Jesus said (John 14:1.) without insisting on the materialistic measurement of a gorgeous apartment house full of inside rooms. [source]