What does χιλιάδες mean in the Greek?

Parse: Noun, Nominative Feminine Plural
Root: G5505 (χιλιάς)
Sense: a thousand, the number one thousand (more info)

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English Occurance
thousand 10
thousands 1

Verses with χιλιάδες

Acts 4:4
Many however of those having heard the word believed and became the number of the men about thousand five
1 Corinthians 10:8
Neither should we commit sexual immorality as some of them committed sexual immorality and fell in one day twenty three thousand
Revelation 11:13
And in that - hour there was an earthquake great a tenth of the city fell were killed the earthquake names of men thousand seven the rest terrified became gave glory to the God of heaven
Revelation 14:1
And I looked behold the Lamb was standing upon - Mount Zion with Him one hundred forty four thousand having the name of Him of the Father having been written on the foreheads of them
Revelation 14:3
And they are singing as a song new before the throne the four living creatures the elders no one was able to learn the song if not the one hundred forty four thousand - having been redeemed from the earth
Revelation 5:11
And I looked I heard [the] voice of angels many around the throne of the living creatures of the elders was the number of them myriads of myriads thousands of thousands
Revelation 7:4
And I heard the number of those having been sealed one hundred forty four thousand having been sealed out of every tribe of [the] sons of Israel
Revelation 7:5
Out of [the] tribe of Judah twelve thousand having been sealed of Reuben of Gad
Revelation 7:6
out of [the] tribe of Asher twelve thousand of Naphtali of Manasseh
Revelation 7:7
out of [the] tribe of Simeon twelve thousand of Levi of Isaachar
Revelation 7:8
out of [the] tribe of Zebulun twelve thousand of Joseph of Benjamin having been sealed
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Revelation 7:4 A hundred and forty and four thousand [εκατον τεσσερακοντα τεσσαρες χιλιαδες]
Symbolical, of course, and not meant to be a complete number of the sealed (or saved) even in that generation, let alone for all time. The number connotes perfection (Alford), 12x12x1000= a hundred and forty-four thousands Nominative absolute, not agreeing in case either with αριτμον — arithmon (accusative) or εσπραγισμενων — esphragismenōn (genitive). So as to the case of εσπραγισμενοι — esphragismenoi of every tribe of the children of Israel There are two opposite views here, one taking the sealed as referring only to Jews (either actual Jews as a remnant or just Jewish Christians), the other including Gentiles as well as Jewish Christians, that is the true Israel as in Revelation 2:9; Revelation 3:9. and like Paul in Galatians and Romans. This is the more probable view and it takes the twelve tribes in a spiritual sense. But in either view there remains the difficulty about names of the tribes. The list is not geographical, since Levi is included, but Dan is omitted and Manasseh put in his place, though he as the son of Joseph is included in Joseph. Irenaeus suggested that Antichrist was expected to come from the tribe of Dan and hence the omission here. There are various lists of the tribes in the O.T. (Genesis 35:22.; Genesis 46:8.; Gen 49; Exodus 1:1.; Numbers 1:2; Numbers 13:4; Numbers 26:34; Deuteronomy 27:11.; Deuteronomy 33:6.; Josh 13-22; Judges 5; 1 Chron 2-8; 1 Chronicles 12:24.; 1 Chronicles 27:16.; Ezek 48) and given in various orders. In 1 Chronicles 7:12 both Dan and Zebulon are omitted. Joseph is given here in place of Ephraim. The distribution is equal (12,000) to each tribe. [source]
Revelation 11:13 Seven thousand persons [ονοματα αντρωπων χιλιαδες επτα]
This use of ονοματα — onomata (names of men here) is like that in Revelation 3:4; Acts 1:15 and occurs in the papyri (Deissmann, Bible Studies, p. 196f.).Were affrighted (εμποβοι εγενοντο — emphoboi egenonto). “Became terrified,” old adjective (εν ποβος — enεδωκαν δοχαν — phobos fear) as in Luke 24:5; Acts 10:4; Acts 24:5. “A general movement toward Christianity, induced by fear or despair - a prediction fulfilled more than once in ecclesiastical history” (Swete).Gave glory First aorist active indicative of didōmi when they saw the effect of the earthquake, recognition of God‘s power (John 9:24; Acts 12:23; Romans 4:20). [source]
Revelation 14:1 A hundred and forty and four thousand [εκατον τεσσερακοντα τεσσαρες χιλιαδες]
“Thousands” literally For the 144,000 see Revelation 7:5, Revelation 7:8, though some scholars seek a distinction somehow. [source]