What does χιλίων mean in the Greek?

Parse: Adjective, Genitive Masculine Plural
Root: G5507 (χίλιοι)
Sense: a thousand (more info)

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English Occurance
one thousand 1

Verses with χιλίων

Revelation 14:20
And was trodden the winepress outside the city flowed blood out of winepress as high as the bridles of the horses to the distance of stadia one thousand six hundred
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Revelation 14:20 As far as a thousand and six hundred furlongs [απο σταδιων χιλιων εχακοσιων]
A peculiar use of απο — apo for “distance from (of)” as also in John 11:18; John 21:8, somewhat like the use of προ — pro in John 12:1. The distance itself covers the length of Palestine, but it is more likely that “the metaphor is worked out with the exuberance of apocalyptic symbolism” (Swete) for the whole earth. [source]