What does οὐ mean in the Greek?

Parse: Adverb
Root: G3756 (οὐ)
Sense: no, not; in direct questions expecting an affirmative answer (more info)

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How οὐ is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
not 507
that 27
of which 4
whom 32
where 22
whose 9
of whom 15
never 17
no 90
which 8
whereof 2
him 1
not [just] 1
these 1
it 2
what 1
in which 1
this 3
nothing 5
in no way 2
of it 1
not yet 1
none 1
[and] ‘no 1
[they do] not 1
[will he] not 1
that which 1
[is] not 1
wherever 1
nor 1
whom [are] 2
[should] not 1
[are] not 1
[it is] not 2
not [only] 1
not one 1
- 2
which [time] 1
except 1
against whom 1
whence 1
by whose 1

Verses with οὐ

Colossians 1:9
Because of this also we from the day we heard not cease for you praying and asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of the will of Him in all wisdom understanding spiritual

Colossians 1:23
if indeed you continue - in the faith established and firm not being moved away from the hope of the gospel that you have heard - having been proclaimed in all creation under - heaven of which have become I Paul a minister

Colossians 2:8
Take heed lest anyone you there will be - taking captive through - philosophy and empty deceit according to the tradition - of men the principles of the world not Christ

Colossians 2:19
and not holding fast to the head from whom all the body by the joints ligaments being supplied being knit together increases with the increase - of God

Colossians 3:1
If then you have been raised with - Christ the things above seek where - Christ is at [the] right hand - of God sitting

Colossians 4:10
Greets you Aristarchus the fellow prisoner of me and Mark cousin of Barnabas concerning whom you have received instructions if he comes to welcome him

2 Thessalonians 2:5
Not do you remember that yet being with you these things I was saying to you

2 Thessalonians 2:9
whose is - coming according to [the] working - of Satan in every power and in signs in wonders of falsehood

2 Thessalonians 3:2
and that we may be delivered from - perverse evil men not for all [are] of the faith

2 Thessalonians 3:10
Even for when we were with you this we were commanding you that if anyone not is willing to work neither let him eat

2 Timothy 1:7
Not for has given us - God a spirit of cowardice but of power and of love of self-control

2 Timothy 1:9
the [One] having saved us and having called [us] with a calling holy not according to the works of us but His own purpose grace - having been given us in Christ Jesus before time eternal

2 Timothy 2:5
If now also competes anyone not he is crowned not lawfully he shall have competed

2 Timothy 2:9
in which I suffer hardship even to chains as an evildoer But the word - of God not is bound

2 Timothy 2:13
if we are faithless He faithful remains to deny for Himself not He is able

2 Timothy 2:24
[The] bond-servant now of [the] Lord not it behooves to quarrel but gentle to be toward all able to teach forbearing

2 Timothy 3:9
But not they will advance further much - for the folly of them plain will be to all as also that of those [two] became

2 Timothy 4:8
From now on is laid up for me the - of righteousness crown which will award to me Lord in that - day righteous judge not only however to me but also to all those loving the appearing of Him

3 John 1:13
Many things I had to write to you but not I desire with ink and pen to write

Acts 1:5
for John indeed baptized with water you however with [the] Spirit will be baptized Holy not after many these days

Acts 1:13
And when they had entered into the upper room they went up where they were staying - both Peter John James Andrew Philip Thomas Bartholomew Matthew James [son] of Alphaeus Simon the Zealot Judas [son] of James

Acts 10:41
not to all the people but to [the] witnesses - having been chosen beforehand by - God to us who did eat with and drink with Him after - rising His out from [the] dead

Acts 12:12
Having considered [it] also he came to the house of Mary the mother of John who is called Mark where were many having gathered together and praying

Acts 13:10
said O full of all deceit and all craft son of [the] devil enemy of all righteousness not will you cease perverting the ways the of Lord - straight

Acts 13:25
While then was fulfilling John the course he was saying Whom me do you suppose to be Not am I [he] but behold He comes after of whom I am worthy a sandal of the feet to untie

Acts 13:35
Therefore also in another He says Not You will allow the Holy One of you to see decay

Acts 13:41
Behold - scoffers and wonder perish for a work am working I in the days of you that never not you would believe even if one should declare it to you

Acts 15:1
And certain ones having come down from - Judea were teaching the brothers - If not you are circumcised according to the custom - of Moses not you are able to be saved

Acts 15:24
Inasmuch as we have heard that some from us went out troubled you by words upsetting the minds of you saying [you must] be circumcised and keep the law to whom not we had given instructions

Acts 16:13
On the then day of the Sabbaths we went forth outside the city gate by a river where was customary [a place of] prayer to be And having sat down we began speaking to the having gathered women

Acts 16:37
- But Paul was saying to them Having beaten us publicly uncondemned men Romans being they cast [us] into prison and now secretly do they throw out No indeed Instead having come themselves let them bring out

Acts 17:27
to seek - God if perhaps indeed they might palpate for Him and might find Him And not far from one each of us He is

Acts 18:7
And having departed from there he came to [the] house of a certain one named Titius Justus worshiping - God of whom the house was adjoining the synagogue

Acts 18:15
if however a question it is about a word and names law - in reference to your you will see [to it] yourselves a judge I of these things not resolve to be

Acts 19:11
Miracles then not - being ordinary - God was performing by the hands of Paul

Acts 19:26
And you see hear that not only in Ephesus but almost all - of Asia - Paul this having persuaded [them] has turned away a great many people saying not they are gods - by hands being made

Acts 19:27
Not only but this is endangered to us the business into disrepute to come but also of the great goddess Artemis temple for nothing to be reckoned to be and deposed the majesty of her whom all - Asia and the world worship

Acts 19:35
Having calmed then the town clerk the crowd he says Men Ephesians what for is there man who not knows the of [the] Ephesians city temple-keeper as being of the great Artemis and of that fallen from the sky

Acts 19:40
And for we are in danger of being accused of insurrection in regard to - this day not one cause there existing concerning which not we will be able to give a reason for the commotion this

Acts 2:2
And came suddenly out of - heaven a sound like [the] rushing of a wind violent it filled all the house where they were sitting

Acts 2:15
Not for as you suppose these are drunkards it is [the] hour third of the day

Acts 2:32
This - Jesus has raised up - God whereof all we are witnesses

Acts 2:34
Not for David ascended into the heavens he says however himself Said the Lord to [the] Lord of me Sit at [the] right hand

Acts 20:8
There were now lamps many in the upper room where we were assembled

Acts 20:12
They brought then the boy alive and were comforted not a little

Acts 20:27
not for I shrunk back - not from declaring all the counsel - of God to you

Acts 21:11
and having come to us having taken the belt - of Paul having bound of himself the feet the hands he said Thus says the Spirit - Holy The man of whom is the belt this in this way will bind in Jerusalem the Jews will deliver [him] into [the] hands of [the] Gentiles

Acts 21:13
Then answered - Paul What are you doing weeping and breaking my - heart I for not only to be bound but also to die at Jerusalem readiness have for the name of the Lord Jesus

Acts 21:26
Then - Paul having taken the men on the following day with them having been purified entered into the temple declaring the fulfillment of the days of the purification until that was offered for one each of them the sacrifice

Acts 22:18
and saw Him saying to me Make haste go away with speed out of Jerusalem because not they will receive your testimony about Me

Acts 22:22
They were listening now to him until this - word and they lifted up the voice of them saying Away with from the earth the such Not for it is fit he to live

Acts 23:12
When it was then day having made a conspiracy the Jews put under an oath themselves declaring neither to eat nor to drink until that they should kill - Paul

Acts 23:14
who having come to the chief priests and the elders said With an oath we have bound ourselves nothing to eat until that we should kill - Paul

Acts 23:21
You therefore not should be persuaded by them Lie in wait indeed for him of them men more than forty who have put under an oath themselves neither to eat nor to drink until that they have killed him and now they are ready awaiting the from you promise

Acts 24:8
Commanding the accusers of him to come to you From him you will be able yourself having examined [him] concerning all these things to know of which we accuse him

Acts 24:11
Being able you to know that not more than there are to me days twelve from which I went up to worship in Jerusalem

Acts 24:18
during which they found me purified in the temple not with a crowd nor in tumult Some however [are] from - Asia Jews

Acts 25:6
Having spent then with them days not more than eight or ten having gone down to Caesarea on the next day having sat on the judgment seat he commanded - Paul to be brought

Acts 25:10
Said then - Paul Standing before the judgment seat of Caesar I am where me it behooves to be judged To [the] Jews nothing I have done wrong as also you very well know

Acts 25:11
If indeed therefore I do wrong and worthy of death have done anything not I do refuse - to die however nothing there is of which they [can] accuse me no one me can to them give up To Caesar I appeal

Acts 25:15
concerning whom having been my in Jerusalem made a presentation the chief priests and elders of the Jews asking against him judgment

Acts 25:18
concerning whom having stood up the accusers no charge were bringing of which I was expecting crimes

Acts 25:21
- But of Paul having appealed for to be kept himself for the Emperor's decision I commanded to be kept him until that I might send to Caesar

Acts 25:24
And says - Festus Agrippa King and all the being present with us men you see this one concerning whom all the multitude of the Jews pleaded with me in both Jerusalem here crying out [that] not he ought of him to live no longer

Acts 25:26
concerning whom definite anything to write to [my] lord not I have Therefore I have brought him before you all and especially before you King Agrippa so that the examination having taken place I might have something to write

Acts 26:25
- But Paul Not I am insane says most excellent Festus but of truth and sobriety words I utter

Acts 26:26
Understands for concerning these things the king to whom also using boldness I speak Are hidden from him any of these things not I am persuaded none for is in a corner done of these things

Acts 26:29
- And Paul [said] I would wish - - to God both in a little and much not only you but also all those hearing me this day to become such as I am except the chains these

Acts 27:10
saying to them Men I understand that with disaster and much loss not only of the cargo ship but also the lives of us is about to be the voyage

Acts 27:14
After not long however there came down from it a wind tempestuous - called the Northeaster

Acts 27:23
Stood by for me this - night - of God whose am I whom and I serve an angel

Acts 27:31
said - Paul to the centurion and to the soldiers If not these remain in the ship you to be saved not are able

Acts 27:33
Until then that day was about to come kept urging - Paul all to partake of food saying The fourteenth today [is] day watching without eating you continue nothing having taken

Acts 28:2
- And the natives were showing not [just] the ordinary kindness to us Having kindled for a fire they received all of us because of the rain - coming on and because of the cold

Acts 28:14
where having found [some] brothers we were entreated with them to remain days seven And so to - Rome we came

Acts 28:26
saying Go to the people this and say In hearing you will hear no not understand in seeing you will see perceive

Acts 3:15
- and the Author - of life you killed whom - God has raised up out from [the] dead whereof we witnesses are

Acts 4:16
saying What shall we do to the men these That truly for a noteworthy sign has come to pass through them to all those inhabiting Jerusalem [is] evident and not we are able to deny [it]

Acts 4:20
not are able for we what we have seen and heard not to speak

Acts 5:26
Then having gone the captain with the officers was bringing them not with force they were afraid of for the people lest they might be stoned

Acts 5:39
if however from God it is not you will be able to overthrow them lest ever also fighting against God You would be found

Acts 6:13
They set also witnesses FALSE saying The man this not does stop speaking words against the place - holy this and law

Acts 7:18
until that there arose king another over Egypt who not knew - Joseph

Acts 7:25
He was supposing now to understand the brothers of him that - God by [the] hand of him is giving salvation them - but not they understood

Acts 7:29
Fled then Moses at the remark this and became exiled in [the] land of Midian where he begat sons two

Acts 7:52
Which of the prophets not did persecute the fathers of you And they killed those having foretold about the coming of the Righteous One of whom now you betrayers murderers have become

Luke 1:15
He will be for great before the Lord and wine strong drink no not shall he drink [of the] Spirit Holy he will be filled even from [the] womb of [the] mother of him

Luke 1:34
Said then Mary to the angel How will be this since a man not I know

Luke 10:1
After now these things appointed the Lord also others seventy two and sent them in two [by] before [the] face of Himself into every city place where was about He Himself to go

Luke 10:19
Behold I give you the authority - to tread upon serpents and scorpions upon all power of the enemy nothing you no not will injure

Luke 10:40
- But Martha was distracted about much service having come up now she said Lord not is it concerning to You that the sister of me alone me has left to serve Speak therefore to her that me she might help

Luke 11:7
And he from within answering will say Not me trouble cause already the door has been shut and the children of me with me in the bed are not I am able having risen up to give to you

Luke 11:8
I say to you if even not he will give to him having risen up because of - being friend of him because of yet the persistence having risen him as much as he needs

Luke 11:29
Of the now crowds being pressed around together He began to say The generation this an evil is a sign it seeks after and a sign not will be given to it if not the sign of Jonah

Luke 11:38
- And the Pharisee having seen [it] marveled that not first He washed before the dinner

Luke 11:46
- And He said Also to you the lawyers woe For you burden the men [with] burdens heavy to bear and yourselves with one of the fingers of you not do touch the burdens

Luke 12:2
Nothing now concealed up is which not will be revealed nor hidden not will be known

Luke 12:24
Consider the ravens that not they sow nor reap to them not there is a storehouse nor barn and - God feeds them How much more you are valuable than the birds

Luke 12:27
Consider the lilies how they grow Not do they labor nor do they spin I say however to you not even Solomon in all the glory of him was arrayed as one of these

Luke 12:40
Also you be ready for in the hour not you expect the Son - of Man comes

Luke 12:46
will come the master of the servant that in a day in which not he does expect and an hour that he knows he will cut in two him the place of him with the unbelievers will appoint

Luke 12:57
Why now even for yourselves not judge you what [is] right

Luke 12:59
I say to you no not shall you come out from there until even the last lepton you shall have paid

Luke 13:7
He said then to the vinedresser Behold three years throughout these I come seeking fruit on the fig tree this and not do find [any] Cut down therefore it that why even the ground should it use up

Luke 13:15
Answered therefore him the Lord and said Hypocrites Each one of you on the Sabbath not does he untie the ox of him or donkey from the stall having led [it] away give [it] to drink

Luke 13:21
Like it is to leaven which having taken a woman hid in of meal measures three until it was leavened all

Luke 13:25
From what - shall have risen up the master of the house and shall have shut the door then you should begin outside to stand to knock at the saying Lord open to us he answering will say to you Not I do know you from where are

Luke 13:35
Behold is left to you the house of you I say now no not shall you see Me until [the time] comes when you say Blessed is the [One] coming in [the] name of [the] Lord

Luke 14:3
And answering - Jesus spoke to the lawyers to [the] Pharisees saying Is it lawful on the Sabbath to heal or not

Luke 14:20
And another said A wife I have married because of this not I am able to come

Luke 14:26
If anyone comes to Me and not hates the father of himself the mother wife the children the brothers the sisters yes and even life of him he is able to be of Me disciple

Luke 14:27
Whoever not carries the cross of himself and comes after Me is able to be My disciple

Luke 14:33
So therefore every one of you who not does give up all that he himself possesses not is able to be My disciple

Luke 15:4
What man of you having a hundred sheep and having lost them one not leaves the ninety nine in the open field goes after the [one] having been lost until he finds it

Luke 15:7
I say to you that in the same way joy in - heaven there will be over one sinner repenting rather than ninety nine righteous ones who no need have of repentance

Luke 15:8
Or what woman drachmas having ten if she should lose drachma one not lights a lamp and sweeps the house seeks carefully until it she finds

Luke 15:13
And after not many days having gathered together all the younger son went away into a country distant there he wasted the estate of him living prodigally

Luke 16:2
And having called him he said to him What [is] this I hear concerning you Give the account of the stewardship of you not for you are able any longer to manage

Luke 16:13
No servant is able two masters to serve either for the one he will hate and other he will love or one he will be devoted to the other he will despise Not you are able God money

Luke 17:1
He said then to the disciples of Him Impossible it is for the stumbling blocks not to come but woe [to him] by whom they come

Luke 18:4
And not he would for a time afterward he however said within himself If even - God not I fear nor man respect

Luke 18:7
- And God no not shall execute the avenging of the elect of Him the [ones] crying out to Him day and night be deferring in regard to them

Luke 18:17
Truly I say to you whoever - not shall receive the kingdom - of God as a child no shall enter into it

Luke 19:14
- But the citizens of him hated him and sent a delegation after him saying Not we are willing [for] this [man] to reign over us

Luke 2:50
And they not understood the word that He spoke to them

Luke 20:21
And they questioned Him saying Teacher we know that rightly You speak teach not receive [any] person but on the basis of truth the way - of God

Luke 20:22
Is it lawful for us to Caesar tribute to give or not

Luke 20:31
and the third took her likewise then also the seven not did leave children died

Luke 21:6
[As to] these things which you are beholding will come [the] days in which not will be left stone upon stone here which not will be thrown down

Luke 21:15
I for will give you a mouth and wisdom which not will be able to resist nor to reply to all those opposing

Luke 21:18
But a hair of the head of you no not should perish

Luke 21:24
And they will fall by [the] edge of [the] sword will be led captive into the nations all Jerusalem will be trodden down by [the] Gentiles until that are fulfilled also be [the] times of [the] Gentiles

Luke 21:32
Truly I say to you that no not will have passed away the generation this until - all [these things] shall have taken place

Luke 21:33
The heaven and the earth will pass away - but the words of Me no not

Luke 22:16
I say for to you that no longer never not will I eat thereof until when it is fulfilled in the kingdom - of God

Luke 22:18
I say for to you that no not will I drink from - now of the fruit of the vine until that the kingdom of God shall come

Luke 22:22
For the Son indeed of man according to that having been determined goes but woe to the man that by whom He is betrayed

Luke 22:34
- And He said I tell you Peter not will crow today [the] rooster until three times Me you will deny not knowing

Luke 22:67
If You are the Christ tell us He said then to them If you I should tell no not would you believe

Luke 22:68
if then I should ask [you] no not would you answer

Luke 23:34
- And Jesus was saying Father forgive them not for they know what they do Dividing then the garments of Him they cast lots

Luke 23:53
And having taken it down he wrapped it in a linen cloth placed it in a tomb cut in a rock in which no had been no one not yet laid

Luke 24:21
We however were hoping - He it is who is about to redeem - Israel But indeed also with all these things [the] third this day brings away from which these things came to pass

Luke 24:28
And they drew near to the village where they were going He appeared farther to be going

Luke 24:49
And behold I am sending the promise of the Father of Me upon you you however remain in the city until that you should be clothed with from on high power

Luke 3:16
Answered saying [to] all - John I indeed with water baptize you comes however the [One] mightier than I of whom not I am worthy to untie the strap of the sandals of Him He will baptize with [the] Spirit Holy and with fire

Luke 3:17
of whom the winnowing fork [is] in the hand of Him to clear the threshing floor and to gather the wheat into barn - But the chaff He will burn up with fire unquenchable

Luke 4:16
And He came to Nazareth where He had been brought up He entered according to the custom to Him on the day of the Sabbaths into the synagogue stood up to read

Luke 4:17
And there was given to Him [the] scroll of the prophet Isaiah having unrolled the scroll He found the place where it was written

Luke 4:18
[The] Spirit of [the] Lord [is] upon Me of which because He has anointed Me to preach good news to [the] poor He has sent to heal the broken - in heart to proclaim to [the] captives deliverance and to [the] blind recovery of sight to send forth [the] oppressed in deliverance

Luke 4:29
and having risen up they cast Him out of [the] city led unto brow of the hill upon which the town had been built of them in order to throw over him

Luke 5:31
And answering - Jesus said to them No need have those being well of a physician but sick being

Luke 5:36
He was speaking now also a parable to them - No one a piece of a garment new having torn puts [it] on a garment old if however otherwise the new he will tear and the old not will match which [is] [the] piece - the

Luke 6:37
And not judge that no you should be judged condemn you should be condemned Forgive you will be forgiven

Luke 6:41
Why now look you at the splinter that [is] in the eye of the brother of you - and the beam that [is] own not notice

Luke 6:42
How are you able to say to brother of you Brother let [that] I might cast out the splinter that [is] in the eye yourself the of you beam not seeing Hypocrite cast out first from the eye and then you will see clearly - of the brother to cast out

Luke 6:43
No for there is tree good producing fruit bad nor again a tree bad good

Luke 6:44
Each for tree by the own fruit is known Not from thorns do they gather figs nor from a bramble bush grapes gather they

Luke 6:46
Why now Me do you call Lord and not do what I say

Luke 7:6
- And Jesus was going with them Already then He not far being distant from the house sent friends the centurion saying to Him Lord not trouble Yourself for worthy I am that under the roof of me You should come

Luke 7:27
This is he concerning whom it has been written Behold I send the messenger of Me before [the] face of you who will prepare the way before You

Luke 7:45
A kiss to Me not you gave she herself however from which [time] I came in not has ceased kissing My - feet

Luke 7:47
This therefore I say to you have been forgiven the sins of her - many for she loved much to whom however little is forgiven little he loves

Luke 8:14
That now into the thorns having fallen these are those having heard and under cares riches pleasures - of life moving along are choked not do mature

Luke 8:17
Nothing for is hidden which not manifest will become nor secret not shall be known and to light come

Luke 8:35
They went out then to see that having taken place and they came to - Jesus found sitting the man from whom the demons had gone out clothed being of sound mind at the feet - of Jesus they were afraid

Luke 8:38
Was begging however Him the man from whom had gone the demons to be [taken] with Him He sent away him saying

Luke 9:9
Said then - Herod John I beheaded who however is this concerning whom I hear such things And he was seeking to see Him

Luke 9:27
I say now to you truthfully there are some of those here standing who no not shall taste of death until - they shall have seen the kingdom - of God

Mark 1:7
And he was preaching saying He comes who [is] mightier than I after me of whom not I am sufficient having stooped down to untie the strap of the sandals of Him

Mark 10:15
Truly I say to you whoever - not shall receive the kingdom - of God as a child no shall enter into it

Mark 10:27
Having looked on them - Jesus says With men [it is] impossible but not God all things for [are] possible -

Mark 11:17
And He began teaching was saying to them Not has it been written - The house of Me a house of prayer will be called for all the nations You however have made it a den of robbers

Mark 12:14
And having come they say to Him Teacher we know that TRUE You are not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men but on the basis of [the] truth the way - of God teach Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not Should we pay not pay

Mark 12:24
Was saying to them - Jesus Not because of this do you err not knowing the Scriptures nor the power - of God

Mark 12:34
And - Jesus having seen him that wisely he answered said to him Not far are you from the kingdom - of God no one no longer dared to question

Mark 13:2
And - Jesus said to him See you these - great buildings No not shall be left here stone upon stone which shall be thrown down

Mark 13:11
And when they might lead away you delivering [you] up not be anxious beforehand what you should say but whatever if might be given to you in that - hour that speak not for are you those speaking but the Spirit - Holy

Mark 13:14
When then you see the abomination of the desolation which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing where not it should the [one] reading let him understand then those in - Judea let them flee to the mountains

Mark 13:19
will be [in] for the days those tribulation such as never has been the like from [the] beginning of creation which created - God until - now and not shall be

Mark 13:24
But in those - days after the tribulation those The sun will be darkened and the moon not will give the light of it

Mark 13:30
Truly I say to you that no not will have passed away the generation this until that these things all shall have taken place

Mark 13:31
The heaven and the earth will pass away - but the words of Me in no way not

Mark 14:7
Always for the poor you have with you and whenever you desire you are able them always good to do Me however not do you have

Mark 14:21
For - indeed the Son - of Man goes as it has been written concerning Him woe however to the man that by whom the Son is betrayed better for him [it were] if not had been born man that

Mark 14:25
Truly I say to you that no more never not will I drink of the fruit of the vine until the day that when it I drink anew in the kingdom - of God

Mark 14:31
- And emphatically he kept saying If it is needful of me to die with You no not You will I deny Likewise now also all of them were saying

Mark 14:32
And they come to a place of which the name [is] Gethsemane He says to the disciples of Him Sit here while I shall pray

Mark 14:36
And He was saying Abba - Father all things [are] possible to You take away the cup this from Me but not what I will but You

Mark 15:31
Likewise also the chief priests mocking among one another with the scribes were saying Others He saved Himself not He is able to save

Mark 16:18
and with their hands serpents they will take up and if deadly anything they drink no not them shall it hurt upon [the] sick hands they will lay and well they will be

Mark 2:17
And having heard - Jesus says to them - No need have those being strong of a physician but sick being Not I came to call [the] righteous but sinners

Mark 2:18
And were the disciples of John Pharisees fasting they come say to Him Because of why of the Pharisees fast - but Your not

Mark 2:19
And said to them - Jesus Not are able the sons of the bridechamber in which the bridegroom with them is to fast As long as time they have the bridegroom not they are able

Mark 3:24
And if a kingdom against itself is divided not is able to stand the kingdom that

Mark 3:25
And if a house against itself is divided not will be able the house that to stand

Mark 3:26
And if - Satan has risen up against himself has been divided not he is able to stand but an end is coming to

Mark 3:27
But not is able no one into the house of the strong man having entered the goods of him to plunder if not first the strong man he binds And then he will plunder

Mark 4:22
Nothing for there is which [is] hidden if not that it should be made manifest nor has taken place a secret thing but it should come to light

Mark 4:38
And He was in the stern on the cushion sleeping they awaken Him say to Him Teacher not is it concern to You that we perish

Mark 6:52
not for they understood by the loaves but had been of them the heart hardened

Mark 7:5
And questioned Him the Pharisees scribes Because of why not walk disciples of You according to the tradition of the elders but with unwashed hands eat the bread

Mark 7:18
And He says to them Thus also you without understanding are Not understand you that everything - from outside entering into the man is able him to defile

Mark 7:27
And He was saying to her Permit first to be satisfied the children not for it is good to take the bread of the children to the dogs to cast [it]

Mark 8:18
Eyes having not do you see And ears not do you hear do you remember

Mark 8:33
- And having turned and having looked upon the disciples of Him He rebuked Peter said Get behind Me Satan for not you have in mind the things of God but things of men

Mark 9:1
And He was saying to them Truly I say to you that there are some here of those standing who no not shall taste of death until - they see the kingdom - of God having come with power

Mark 9:3
and the garments of Him became shining white exceedingly such as a launderer on the earth not is able thus to whiten

Mark 9:6
Not for he knew what he should say terrified they were

Mark 9:41
Whoever for - might give to drink you a cup of water in name because Christ’s you are truly I say to you that no not shall he lose the reward of him

Mark 9:44
where the worm of them not dies and the fire is quenched

Mark 9:46
where the worm of them not dies and the fire is quenched

Mark 9:48
where the worm of them not dies and the fire is quenched

Matthew 1:25
and not knew her until that she had brought forth a son he called the name of Him Jesus

Matthew 10:20
Not for you are those speaking but the Spirit of the Father of you - speaking through you

Matthew 10:23
Whenever then they persecute you in the city one flee to the next Truly for I say to you no not shall you have completed the cities of Israel until - be come the Son Man

Matthew 10:26
Not therefore you should fear them nothing for is concealed which not will be revealed or hidden not will be known

Matthew 10:29
Not two sparrows for an assarion are sold And one of them not will fall to the ground apart from the Father of you

Matthew 10:38
And he who not takes the cross of him follows after Me not is of Me worthy

Matthew 10:42
And whoever - shall give to drink one the little ones of these a cup of cold [water] only in [the] name of a disciple truly I say to you no not shall he lose the reward of him

Matthew 11:10
For this is [he] concerning whom it has been written Behold I send the messenger of Me before [the] face of You who will prepare the way before You

Matthew 11:20
Then He began to denounce the cities in which had taken place the most miracles of Him because not they repented

Matthew 12:7
If however you had known what is Mercy I desire and not sacrifice not - you would have condemned the guiltless

Matthew 12:20
A reed bruised not He will break and a wick smoldering He will quench until - He leads to victory - justice

Matthew 12:25
Having known now the thoughts of them He said to them Every kingdom having been divided against itself is brought to desolation and city or house not will stand

Matthew 12:39
- And answering He said to them A generation evil and adulterous a sign seeks for a sign not will be given to it if not the sign of Jonah the prophet

Matthew 13:11
- And answering He said to them Because to you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of the heavens to them however not

Matthew 13:13
Because of this in parables to them I speak Because seeing not do they see and hearing not do they hear nor do they understand

Matthew 13:14
And is fulfilled in them the prophecy of Isaiah - saying In hearing you will hear no not understand seeing you will see perceive

Matthew 13:29
- And he said No not lest gathering the weeds you would uproot with them the wheat

Matthew 13:33
Another parable spoke He to them Like is the kingdom of the heavens to leaven which having taken a woman hid in of flour measures three until of it was leavened all

Matthew 14:16
- And Jesus said to them No need they have to go away Give you to eat

Matthew 14:22
And immediately He compelled the disciples to enter into the boat to go before Him to other side until that He would have dismissed crowds

Matthew 15:2
Because of why the disciples of You break the tradition of the elders Not for they wash the hands of them when bread they shall eat

Matthew 15:6
no not he shall honor the father of himself or the mother of himself And you made void commandment - of God on account of tradition of you

Matthew 15:11
Not what is entering into the mouth defiles the man but that going forth out of the mouth this

Matthew 15:17
Not yet understand you that everything - entering into the mouth the stomach goes and [the] sewer is cast out

Matthew 15:20
These are the things defiling the man - but with unwashed hands to eat not defiles

Matthew 15:32
- And Jesus having called to [him] the disciples of Him said I am moved with compassion toward the crowd because already days three they continue with Me and nothing have that they might eat to send away them hungry not I am willing not lest they faint on the way

Matthew 16:3
And in the morning Today a storm is red for being overcast the sky The indeed appearance of the sky you know [how] to discern - but the signs of the times not you are able

Matthew 16:4
A generation evil and adulterous a sign seeks a sign not will be given to it if not the sign of Jonah having left them He went away

Matthew 16:11
How not understand you that concerning bread I spoke to you to beware also of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees

Matthew 16:18
I also now to you say that you are Peter and on this the rock I will build My - church [the] gates of hades not will prevail against it

Matthew 16:22
And having taken aside Him - Peter began to rebuke Him saying Far be it from You Lord never not will be to You this

Matthew 16:23
- And having turned He said - to Peter Get behind Me Satan A stumbling block you are to Me For not your thoughts are of the things - of God but the things of men

Matthew 16:28
Truly I say to you - there are some of those here standing who no not shall taste of death until - they have seen the Son - of Man coming in the kingdom of Him

Matthew 17:9
And [as] were descending they from the mountain instructed them - Jesus saying To no one tell the vision until that the Son - of Man out from [the] dead is risen

Matthew 17:24
Having come now they to Capernaum came those the didrachmas collecting - to Peter and said The Teacher of you not does he pay the

Matthew 18:3
and said Truly I say to you if not you turn become as the little children no shall you enter into the kingdom of the heavens

Matthew 18:7
Woe to the world because of the causes of sin Necessary [are] for to come the stumbling blocks but man by whom the offense comes

Matthew 18:19
Again truly I say to you that if two might agree of you on the earth concerning any matter that they shall ask it will be done for them by the Father of Me who [is] in [the] heavens

Matthew 18:20
Where for are two or three gathered together unto - My name there am I in [the] midst of them

Matthew 18:22
Says to him - Jesus Not I say to you up to seven times but seventy times seven

Matthew 18:34
And having been angry the master of him delivered him to the jailers until that he should pay all - being owed to him

Matthew 19:8
He says to them - Moses in view of the hardness of heart of you allowed you to divorce the wives from [the] beginning however not was [it] this way

Matthew 19:10
Say to Him the disciples of Him If this is the case of the man with the wife not it is better to marry

Matthew 19:11
- And He said to them Not all receive the word this but only [those] to whom it has been given

Matthew 19:18
He says to him Which - And Jesus said - Not shall you murder shall you commit adultery shall you steal shall you bear false witness

Matthew 2:9
- And having heard the king they went away and behold the star which they saw in the east went before them until having arrived it stood over where was the Child

Matthew 21:21
Answering now - Jesus said to them Truly I say to you if you have faith and not do doubt not only the [miracle] of the fig tree will you do but even if to the mountain this you should say Be you taken away be you cast into the sea it will come to pass

Matthew 22:16
And they send to Him the disciples of them with the Herodians saying Teacher we know that TRUE You are the way - of God in [the] truth You teach not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men

Matthew 22:17
Tell therefore us what You think Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not

Matthew 23:3
All things therefore how many if they might tell you keep and observe After however the works of them not do They speak for not act

Matthew 23:4
They tie up - burdens heavy and hard to bear and lay [them] on the shoulders - of men themselves however with finger of them not are they willing to move them

Matthew 23:39
I say for to you no not Me shall you see from now until - you say Blessed [is] the [One] coming in [the] name of [the] Lord

Matthew 24:2
- And answering He said to them Not do you see these things all Truly I say to you none not even shall be left here stone upon stone which will be thrown down

Matthew 24:21
There will be for then tribulation great such as not has been from [the] beginning of [the] world until - now no never not shall be

Matthew 24:29
Immediately then after the tribulation the days of those The sun will be darkened and the moon not will give the light of it the stars will fall from the sky the powers of the heavens will be shaken

Matthew 24:34
Truly I say to you that no not will have passed away the generation this until - all these things shall have taken place

Matthew 24:35
The heaven and the earth will pass away - but the words of Me no not shall pass away

Matthew 24:44
Because of this also you be ready for in that not you expect hour the Son - of Man comes

Matthew 24:50
will come the master the servant of that in a day in which not he does expect and an hour which he is aware

Matthew 25:9
Answered then the wise saying Lest no not even it might suffice for us and you Go rather to those selling buy for yourselves

Matthew 25:24
Having come then also the [one] the one talent having received he said Master I knew you that hard you are a man reaping where not you did sow and gathering from where not you did scatter

Matthew 25:26
Answering now the master of him said to him Wicked servant and lazy You knew that I reap where not I sowed gather from where not I scattered

Matthew 25:43
a stranger I was and not You took in Me naked you did clothe sick in prison not did you visit

Matthew 25:44
Then will answer also themselves saying Lord when You saw we hungering or thirsting a stranger naked sick in prison and not did minister to You

Matthew 26:11
Always for the poor you have with you Me however not

Matthew 26:24
- Indeed the Son - of Man goes as it has been written about Him woe however - the man to that by whom the Son is betrayed Better would it be for him if not had been born man that

Matthew 26:29
I say now to you no not will I drink from now of this the fruit of the vine until the day that when it I drink with you anew in the kingdom of the Father of Me

Matthew 26:35
Says to Him - Peter Even if it were necessary for me with You to die no not You will I deny Likewise also all the disciples said

Matthew 26:36
Then comes with them - Jesus to a place called Gethsemane and He says to the disciples Sit here until that having gone away over there I shall pray

Matthew 26:42
Again for a second time having gone away He prayed saying Father of Me if not is possible this to pass if not it I drink be done the will of You

Matthew 26:53
Or think you that not I am able to call upon the Father of Me and He will furnish to Me presently more than twelve legions of angels

Matthew 27:42
Others He saved Himself not is He able to save King of Israel He is Let Him descend now from the cross and we will believe in Him

Matthew 28:16
- And the eleven disciples went into - Galilee to the mountain where assigned them - Jesus

Matthew 3:11
I indeed you baptize with water to repentance - but after me is coming mightier than I He of whom not I am fit the sandals to carry He you will baptize [the] Spirit Holy and with fire

Matthew 3:12
whose - winnowing fork [is] in the hand of Him and He will clear the threshing floor will gather the wheat into barn the but chaff He will burn up with fire unquenchable

Matthew 5:14
You are the light of the world Not is able a city to be hidden on a hill lying

Matthew 5:18
Truly for I say to you until - shall pass away the heaven and the earth iota one or one stroke of a letter no not from the law everything should happen

Matthew 5:20
I say for to you that if not shall abound your - righteousness above [that] of the scribes and Pharisees no shall you enter into the kingdom heavens

Matthew 5:21
You have heard that it was said to the ancients Not you shall murder whoever now - shall murder liable will be to the judgment

Matthew 5:26
Truly I say to you no not shall you come out from there until - you should pay the last kodranten

Matthew 5:27
You have heard that it was said Not shall you commit adultery

Matthew 5:36
Neither by the head of you shall you swear because not you are able one hair white to make or black

Matthew 5:37
Let it be however the statement of you Yes ‘Yes [and] ‘No No The more than these from - evil comes

Matthew 6:20
store up however for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroy and thieves not do break in nor steal

Matthew 6:24
No one is able two masters to serve either for the one he will hate and other he will love or [the] one he will be devoted to the other he will despise Not you are able God money

Matthew 6:26
Look at the birds of the air that not they sow nor do they reap do they gather into barns and the Father of you - Heavenly feeds them Not you much are more valuable than they

Matthew 6:28
And about clothing why are you anxious Observe the lilies of the field how they grow [They do] not labor nor do they spin

Matthew 6:30
If however the grass of the field today being [here] and tomorrow into the furnace being thrown - God thus clothes [will He] not much more you O [you] of little faith

Matthew 7:3
Why now do you look at the splinter that [is] in the eye the brother of you - and the in - your [own] beam not notice

Matthew 7:18
Not is able a tree good fruits bad to produce nor bad good

Matthew 7:21
Not everyone - saying to Me Lord will enter into the kingdom of the heavens but the [one] doing the will the Father of Me who [is] in the heavens

Matthew 7:22
Many will say to Me in that the day Lord not in Your name did we prophesy and [in] demons cast out miracles many perform

Matthew 9:12
- And having heard He said Not need have those being strong of a physician but sick being

Matthew 9:13
Having gone however learn what is Mercy I desire and not sacrifice for I came to call [the] righteous but sinners

Matthew 9:14
Then come to Him the disciples of John saying Because of why we and Pharisees do fast many times however disciples of You not fast

Matthew 9:24
He says Go away Not for is dead the girl but sleeps And they began to laugh at Him

1 Corinthians 1:9
Faithful [is] - God by whom you were called into fellowship with the Son of Him Jesus Christ the Lord of us

1 Corinthians 1:17
Not for sent me Christ to baptize but to preach the gospel not in wisdom of discourse that not be emptied of power the cross of the Christ

1 Corinthians 1:26
Consider for the calling of you brothers that not many wise according to flesh [were] powerful of noble birth

1 Corinthians 10:1
Not I want for you to be ignorant brothers that the fathers of us all under the cloud were and through the sea passed

1 Corinthians 10:20
Rather that what sacrifice the Gentiles to demons and not to God they sacrifice I do wish now you fellow partakers - with demons to be

1 Corinthians 10:21
Not you are able [the] cup of [the] Lord to drink and of demons of [the] table to partake

1 Corinthians 10:23
All things are lawful but not are profitable all edify

1 Corinthians 10:30
If I with thankfulness partake why am I denounced for that which give thanks

1 Corinthians 11:6
If for not covers her head a woman also let her be shorn If [it is] now disgraceful to a woman - to be shorn or to be shaven let her cover her head

1 Corinthians 11:8
Not for is man of woman but woman of man

1 Corinthians 11:26
As often as for if you may eat the bread this and the cup may drink death of the Lord you proclaim until that He should come

1 Corinthians 12:1
Concerning now - spiritual [gifts] brothers not I do want you to be ignorant

1 Corinthians 12:15
If should say the foot Because not I am a hand of the body not on account of this is it

1 Corinthians 12:16
And if should say the ear Because not I am an eye of the body not on account of this is it

1 Corinthians 12:21
Not is able now the eye to say to the hand Need of you not I have Or again the head to the feet of you

1 Corinthians 12:24
- and the presentable [parts] of us no need have But - God has composed the body to the [parts] being deficient more abundant having given honor

1 Corinthians 13:4
- Love is patient is kind not is envious is boastful is puffed up

1 Corinthians 13:5
not acts unbecomingly not seeks the things of its own is easily provoked it keeps account - of wrongs

1 Corinthians 13:6
not delights at - unrighteousness rejoices however in the truth

1 Corinthians 14:22
So then - tongues for a sign are not to those believing but to the unbelieving - but prophecy [is] not

1 Corinthians 14:33
Not for He is of disorder the God but of peace As in all the churches of the saints

1 Corinthians 14:34
the women in the churches let them be silent Not for it is allowed to them to speak but to be in submission as also the law says

1 Corinthians 15:2
by which also you are being saved to the word I proclaimed to you if you hold fast unless not in vain you have believed

1 Corinthians 15:10
[By the] grace however of God I am what and the grace of Him - toward me not void has been Rather more abundantly than them all I toiled not I but - that [was] with me

1 Corinthians 15:25
It behooves for Him to reign until that He shall have put all the enemies under feet of Him

1 Corinthians 15:36
Fool you What you sow not does come to life if not it dies

1 Corinthians 15:37
And what you sow not the body that will be but a bare grain if it may be of wheat or of some of the rest

1 Corinthians 15:39
Not all flesh [is] the same flesh but one indeed of men another now flesh of beasts of birds of fish

1 Corinthians 15:46
However not first [was] the spiritual but natural then spiritual

1 Corinthians 15:50
This now I say brothers that flesh and blood [the] kingdom of God to inherit not is able nor the decay the immortality does inherit

1 Corinthians 15:51
Behold a mystery to you I tell All not we will sleep however we will be changed

1 Corinthians 16:6
With you then possibly I will stay or even I will winter so that you me may equip wherever if I may go

1 Corinthians 16:7
Not I want for you now in passing to see I hope indeed a time certain to remain with if the Lord permits

1 Corinthians 16:22
If anyone not loves the Lord let him be accursed Marana tha

1 Corinthians 2:1
And I having come to you brothers came not according to excellency of speech or wisdom proclaiming to you the testimony - of God

1 Corinthians 2:2
Nothing for I decided anything to know among you if not Jesus Christ and Him having been crucified

1 Corinthians 2:6
Wisdom however we speak among the mature not the age of this nor of the rulers who are coming to naught

1 Corinthians 2:12
We now not the spirit of the world have received but who [is] from - God that we may know the things by having been granted to us

1 Corinthians 2:14
[The] natural however man not accepts the things of the Spirit - of God foolishness for to him they are and he is able to understand [them] because spiritually they are discerned

1 Corinthians 3:2
Milk you I gave to drink not solid food not yet for were you able In fact not still now are you able

1 Corinthians 4:15
If for ten thousand guardians you should have in Christ yet not many fathers Jesus through the gospel I you have begotten

1 Corinthians 4:19
I will come however shortly to you if the Lord wills and I will find out not the talk of those being puffed up but the power

1 Corinthians 4:20
Not for in word the kingdom - of God [is] but power

1 Corinthians 5:6
Not good [is] the boasting of you Not know you that a little leaven all the lump leavens

1 Corinthians 5:10
not altogether with the sexually immoral the world of this or covetous and swindlers idolaters since you would need then from to depart

1 Corinthians 6:9
Or not know you that [the] unrighteous ones of God [the] kingdom not will inherit Not be deceived neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters adulterers effeminate homosexuals

1 Corinthians 6:10
nor thieves coveters not drunkards nor verbal abusers nor swindlers [the] kingdom of God will inherit

1 Corinthians 6:12
All things to me are lawful but not do profit not I will be mastered by anything

1 Corinthians 6:13
The foods for the belly and the belly the for foods - but God both this these will destroy - and the body [is] not - for sexual immorality but for the Lord the Lord for the body

1 Corinthians 6:19
Or not know you that the body of you a temple of the in you Holy Spirit is whom you have from God And you are your own

1 Corinthians 7:6
This now I say by way of concession not by way of command

1 Corinthians 7:15
If however the unbeliever separates himself let him separate himself not is under bondage brother or the sister in - such [cases] Into peace has called you - God

1 Corinthians 8:6
yet to us [there is] one God the Father of whom [are] the things all and we for Him one Lord Jesus Christ by through Him

1 Corinthians 8:8
Food however us not will commend to God neither if not we should eat do we come short nor not have we an advantage

1 Corinthians 8:13
Therefore if food snares the brother of me never not shall I eat meat to age so that I might snare

1 Corinthians 9:1
Not am I free an apostle Not Jesus the Lord of us have I seen Not the work of me you are in [the] Lord

1 Corinthians 9:8
Not according to man these things do I speak Or also the law not says

1 Corinthians 9:9
In for the of Moses law it has been written Not you shall muzzle an ox treading out grain Not for the oxen is there care - with God

1 Corinthians 9:12
If others of the over you authority partake [should] not more we But not we did use the right this Instead all things we bear so that not any hindrance we should place to the gospel of Christ

1 Corinthians 9:15
I however not have used none of these Neither have I written now these things that thus it should be with me [it were] good for me rather to die than the boasting of me anyone will make void

1 John 1:6
If we should say that fellowship we have with Him and yet in the darkness should walk we lie and not do practice the truth

1 John 2:2
And He [the] propitiation is for the sins of us not of ours and only but also all the world

1 John 2:27
And you the anointing that you received from Him abides in you not need you have that anyone should teach you But just as same teaches concerning all things TRUE is not is a lie just as it has taught you shall abide Him

1 John 3:1
Behold what love has given to us the Father that children of God we should be called and we are Because of this world not knows us because not it knew Him

1 John 3:9
Anyone - having been born of - God sin not practices because seed of Him in him abides and he is able to continue sinning he has been born

1 John 3:12
not as Cain [who] of the evil [one] was and slew the brother of him because of what he slayed him Because the works evil were those however of the brother righteous

1 John 3:24
And the [one] keeping the commandments of Him in Him abides He by this we know that He abides us by the Spirit whom to us He has given

1 John 4:18
Fear no there is in - love but - perfect love out casts - fear because the punishment has the [one] now fearing not has been perfected

1 John 4:20
If anyone should say - I love - God and the brother of him should hate a liar he is The [one] for not loving whom he has seen God not not is he able to love

1 John 5:10
The [one] believing in the Son - of God has the testimony in himself not - God a liar has made Him because not he has believed that has testified - God concerning the Son Him

1 John 5:16
If anyone should see the brother of him sinning a sin not unto death he shall ask and He will give him life to those sinning There is a sin not concerning that do I say that he should implore

1 John 5:17
All unrighteousness sin is and there is not unto death

2 Corinthians 1:8
Not for do we want you to be ignorant brothers as to the affliction of us - having happened in - Asia that against excessively beyond [our] power we were weighed so as to despair for us even - to live

2 Corinthians 1:13
No for other things we write to you other than what you read or even understand I hope now that to [the] end you will understand

2 Corinthians 1:17
Thus therefore purposing not then - lightness did I use Or what I purpose according to flesh do I purpose so that there should be with me - Yes yes and - No

2 Corinthians 1:18
Faithful however - God [is] that the word of us to you not was Yes and No

2 Corinthians 1:19
The - of God for Son Christ Jesus the [One] among you by us having been proclaimed me and Silvanus Timothy not was Yes No but in Him it has always been

2 Corinthians 10:3
In flesh for walking not according to flesh do we wage war

2 Corinthians 10:4
The for weapons of the warfare of us [are] not fleshly but powerful - divinely to [the] demolition of strongholds

2 Corinthians 10:12
Not for dare we to classify or to compare ourselves [with] some - themselves commending but these by themselves measuring and comparing with themselves understand

2 Corinthians 10:13
We however not into the things beyond measure will boast but according to the measure of the area that has assigned to us - God a measure to reach as far as also you

2 Corinthians 10:14
Not for as not reaching to you we are overextending ourselves as far as also you we came in the gospel - of Christ

2 Corinthians 10:18
Not for the [one] himself commending this [one] is approved but the one whom the Lord commends

2 Corinthians 11:6
If however even unpolished - in speech [I am] yet not - in knowledge but in every [way] we have been made manifest all things to you

2 Corinthians 11:9
And being present with you having been in need not I did burden no one - for the need of me completely filled up the brothers having come from Macedonia in everything unburdensome myself to you I kept will keep

2 Corinthians 11:10
Is [the] truth of Christ in me that the boasting this not will be sealed up of mine the regions - of Achaia

2 Corinthians 11:14
And no wonder himself for - Satan masquerades as an angel of light

2 Corinthians 11:15
[It is] not surprising therefore if also the servants of him masquerade as of righteousness whose - end will be according to the deeds of them

2 Corinthians 11:17
What I am saying not according to [the] Lord am I saying but as in foolishness this the confidence - of boasting

2 Corinthians 11:31
The God and Father of the Lord Jesus knows the [One] being blessed to the ages that not I am lying

2 Corinthians 12:1
To boast it behooves [me] not is it profitable indeed I will go on however to visions and revelations of [the] Lord

2 Corinthians 12:5
Concerning - such a man I will boast however myself not if not in the weaknesses

2 Corinthians 12:13
In what for is it that you were inferior beyond the rest [of the] churches if not that myself I not did burden you Forgive me the wrong this

2 Corinthians 12:14
Behold third time this ready I am to come to you and not I will burden [you] for I seek what [is] yours but ought the children for the parents to treasure up the parents for the children

2 Corinthians 12:16
Be it so however I not did burden you but being crafty by trickery I caught

2 Corinthians 12:18
I urged Titus [to go] and sent with [him] the brother Not did exploit you Titus Not in the same spirit did we walk in the same steps

2 Corinthians 12:20
I fear for lest perhaps having come not such as I wish I may find you and I might be found by you such as not you do wish quarreling jealousy anger contentions slander gossip conceit disorder

2 Corinthians 13:2
I have warned and I warn as being present the second time being absent now those having sinned before the rest all that if I come to the [same] again not I will spare [anyone]

2 Corinthians 13:8
Nothing for have we power any against the truth but for

2 Corinthians 2:11
so that not we should be outwitted by - Satan not for of his - schemes we are ignorant

2 Corinthians 2:17
Not for we are like the many peddling the word - of God but as of sincerity of God before in Christ we speak

2 Corinthians 3:3
being revealed that you are a letter of Christ having been ministered to by us having been inscribed not in ink but with [the] Spirit of God [the] living not on tablets of stone but of hearts human

2 Corinthians 3:6
who also has made competent us [as] ministers of a new covenant not of [the] letter but of [the] Spirit the for letter kills - but the Spirit gives life

2 Corinthians 3:10
Even for not has been glorified that having been made glorious in this - respect on account of the surpassing [it] glory

2 Corinthians 3:13
and not as Moses would put a veil over the face of himself for - not to look intently the sons of Israel into end of that fading away

2 Corinthians 3:17
The now Lord the Spirit is where Spirit of [the] Lord [is] [there is] freedom

2 Corinthians 4:5
Not for ourselves do we proclaim but Christ Jesus Lord now servants of you for the sake of

2 Corinthians 4:8
in every [way] being hard pressed but not being crushed being perplexed not despairing

2 Corinthians 5:3
If indeed also having been clothed not naked we will be found

2 Corinthians 5:4
And for - being in the tent we groan being burdened because that not we do wish to be unclothed but to be clothed that may be swallowed up the mortal by - life

2 Corinthians 5:7
by faith for we walk not sight

2 Corinthians 5:12
Not again ourselves are we commending to you but occasion are giving of boasting on behalf of us so that you may have [an answer] toward those in appearance boasting and not [the] heart

2 Corinthians 6:12
Not you are restrained by us however in the affections of you

2 Corinthians 7:3
For condemnation not I speak I have before said for that in the hearts of us you are for [us] - to die together and to live together

2 Corinthians 7:7
not only now by the coming of him but also comfort with which he was comforted as to you relating to us - your earnest desire - mourning zeal for me so as for me the more to rejoice

2 Corinthians 7:8
For if also I have grieved you in the letter not I do regret [it] Though even I did regret [it] I see indeed that the letter that for an hour grieved

2 Corinthians 7:14
For if anything to him about you I have boasted not I was put to shame but as all things in truth we have spoken to you so also the boasting of us - to Titus truth became

2 Corinthians 8:5
And not [only] as we had hoped but themselves they gave first to the Lord and then to us by [the] will of God

2 Corinthians 8:8
Not as a command do I speak but through the of others earnestness also the - of your love genuineness proving

2 Corinthians 8:10
And a judgment in this [matter] I give this indeed for you is profitable who not only - to act but also to will have begun from a year ago

2 Corinthians 8:12
If for the readiness is present as if he might have acceptable not not he does have

2 Corinthians 8:13
Not for that to others [there may be] ease but for you affliction but of equality

2 Corinthians 8:18
We have sent now with him the brother whose - praise [is] in the gospel through all of the churches

2 Corinthians 8:19
not only now but also having been chosen by the churches fellow traveler of us with - grace this that [is] being administered by us toward the Himself of the Lord glory and readiness

2 Corinthians 8:21
We are taking great care to do for what is right not only before [the] Lord but also men

2 Corinthians 9:12
For the ministry of the service this not only is completely filling up the needs of the saints but also is overflowing through many thanksgivings - to God

2 John 1:10
If anyone comes to you and this - teaching not does bring not receive him into [the] house to rejoice him tell

John 1:5
And the Light in the darkness shines the darkness it not overcame

John 1:11
To the own He came and the own Him not received

John 1:21
And they asked him What then You Elijah are he says Not I am The Prophet you he answered No

John 1:27
the [One] after me coming of whom not am I worthy that I should untie of Him the strap of the sandal

John 1:30
He it is concerning whom I said After me comes a man who precedence over me has because before He was

John 10:5
A stranger however in no way not they will follow but will flee from him because not they recognize - of strangers the voice

John 10:12
the hired servant however not being [the] shepherd whose are the sheep own sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep flees wolf snatches them scatters

John 10:13
because a hired servant he is and not is himself concerned to him about the sheep

John 10:25
Answered them - Jesus I told you and not you believe The works that I do in the name of the Father of Me these bear witness concerning Me

John 10:26
But you not believe because not you are from among the sheep - of Me

John 10:28
and I give them life eternal and never not shall they perish to the age never will seize anyone them out of the hand of Me

John 10:33
Answered Him the Jews For a good work not we do stone You but blasphemy and because You a man being make yourself God

John 10:35
If them he called gods to whom the word - of God came and not is able to be broken the Scripture

John 10:37
If not I do the works of the Father of Me not believe Me

John 11:9
Answered Jesus Not twelve hours are there in the day If anyone walks in the day not he stumbles because the light the world of this he sees

John 11:26
and everyone - living believing in Me never not shall die to the age Believe you this

John 11:56
They were seeking therefore - Jesus and were saying among one another in the temple standing What does it seem to you that no not He will come to the feast

John 12:8
the poor for always you have with you Me however not

John 12:9
Knew therefore - a crowd great of the Jews that there He is and they came not because of - Jesus only but that also Lazarus they might see whom He had raised out from [the] dead

John 12:30
Answered Jesus and said Not because of Me the voice this has come but you

John 12:44
Jesus then cried out and said The [one] believing in Me not believes but the [One] having sent Me

John 12:47
And if anyone of Me hears the words not keeps [them] I not do judge him for I came that I might judge the world but I might save

John 13:8
Says to Him Peter No not shall You wash of me the feet to the age Answered Jesus him If I wash you not you have part with Me

John 13:18
Not about all of you I speak I know whom I chose but that the Scripture may be fulfilled The [one] eating of Me the bread lifted up against Me the heel of him

John 13:24
Motions therefore to him Simon Peter and he tells him to ask who it is about whom He is speaking

John 13:33
Little children yet a little while with you I am You will seek Me and as I said to the Jews - Where I go you not are able to come also to you I say now

John 13:36
Says to Him Simon Peter Lord where go You Answered him Jesus Where I go not you are able Me now to follow you will follow however afterward

John 13:37
Says to Him - Peter Lord because of why not am I able You to follow presently The life of me for You I will lay down

John 13:38
Answered Jesus The life of you for Me will you lay down Truly I say to you no not [the] rooster will crow until that you will deny Me three times

John 14:10
Not believe you that I [am] in the Father and the Father Me is The words that I speak to you from Myself I speak - but the Father Me dwelling does works of Him

John 14:17
the Spirit - of truth whom the world not is able to receive because it does see Him nor know But you know Him for with you He abides and in He will be

John 14:24
The [one] not loving Me the words of Me not does keep and the word that you hear not is Mine but of the having sent Father

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you - My I give to you not as the world gives I give Not let be troubled of you the heart nor let it fear

John 15:4
Abide in Me and I you As the branch not is able fruit to bear of itself if not it abide the vine so neither [can] you Me you abide

John 15:5
I am the vine you [are] the branches The [one] abiding in Me and I him he bears fruit much For apart from Me not you are able to do nothing

John 15:20
Remember the word that I said to you Not is a servant greater than master of him If Me they persecuted also you they will persecute the word of Me they kept - yours they will keep

John 16:7
But I the truth say to you it is profitable for you that should go away If for not I go away the Helper no not at all will come to you however I go I will send Him

John 16:9
concerning sin indeed because not do they believe in Me

John 16:12
Yet many things I have to you to say but not you are able to bear them now

John 16:13
When however shall come He the Spirit - of truth He will guide you into the truth all not for He will speak from Himself but whatever He may hear and the things coming He will declare to you

John 16:17
Said therefore [some] of the disciples of Him to one another What is this that He says to us A little [while] and not you do behold Me again you will see and Because I am going the Father

John 16:19
Knew - Jesus that they were desiring Him to ask and He said to them Concerning this do you inquire among one another I said A little [while] not you do behold Me again you will see

John 16:26
In that - day the name of Me you will ask and not I say to you that I will implore the Father for you

John 16:30
Now we know that You know all things and not need have that anyone You should ask In this we believe from God You came forth

John 17:9
I concerning them am praying Not the world do I pray but those whom You have given Me for Yours they are

John 17:20
Not for these however do I ask only but also those believing through the word of them in Me

John 18:11
Said therefore - Jesus - to Peter Put the sword into sheath The cup which has given Me the Father no not shall I drink it

John 18:26
Says one of the servants of the high priest kinsman being [of him] of whom had cut off Peter the ear Not I you saw in the garden with Him

John 19:10
Says therefore to Him - Pilate To me not speak You Not know You that authority I have to release You and to crucify

John 19:33
to however - Jesus having come when they saw already Him having been dead not they did break His - legs

John 19:36
Took place for these things so that the Scripture might be fulfilled Bone not one will be broken of Him

John 2:12
After this He went down to Capernaum He and the mother of Him the brothers of Him disciples there they stayed not many days

John 2:25
and because no need He had that anyone should testify concerning the man He Himself for knew what was in the man

John 20:5
And having stooped down he sees lying [there] the linen cloths not however he entered

John 20:7
and the soudarion which was upon the head of Him not with the linen cloths lying but by itself having been folded up in a place

John 20:25
Were saying therefore to him the other disciples We have seen the Lord - But he said to them If not I see in the hands of Him mark of the nails and put finger of me into mark the hand side no will I believe

John 21:4
Morning now already having come stood Jesus on the shore not however knew the disciples that it is

John 21:5
Says therefore to them - Jesus Children not any fish have you They answered Him No

John 21:8
- And the other disciples in the boat came not for were they far from the land but about away cubits two hundred dragging the net with the fish

John 21:18
Truly I say to you When you were younger you dressed yourself and walked where you desired when however you shall be old you will stretch forth the hands of you another will dress you will bring [you] not you do desire

John 3:3
Answered Jesus and said to him Truly I say to you if not anyone be born from above not he is able to see the kingdom - of God

John 3:5
Answered - Jesus Truly I say to you if not anyone be born of water and of [the] Spirit not he is able to enter into the kingdom - of God

John 3:10
Answered Jesus and said to him You are the teacher - of Israel these things not know

John 3:11
Truly I say to you that what we know we speak and we have seen we bear witness to the witness of us not you people receive

John 3:12
If things earthly I have told you and not you believe how if I tell to you the things heavenly will you believe

John 3:17
Not for sent - God - His Son into the world that He might judge but might be saved the world through Him

John 3:18
The [one] believing on Him not is judged but not already has been judged because he has believed in the name of the only begotten Son - of God

John 3:27
Answered John and said Nothing is able a man to receive nothing one if not it is given to him from - heaven

John 3:34
He whom for sent - God the words - of God speaks not by measure He gives the Spirit

John 4:9
Says therefore to Him the woman - Samaritan How You a Jew being from me to drink do ask a woman Samaritan being Not for have association Jews with Samaritans

John 4:14
whoever however - may drink of the water that I will give him never not will thirst to the age Instead the water that I will give to him will become in a spring of water welling up into life eternal

John 4:46
He came therefore again to - Cana - of Galilee where He had made the water wine And there was a certain royal official whose - son was sick in Capernaum

John 4:48
Said therefore - Jesus to him If not signs and wonders you people see no will you believe

John 5:18
Because of this therefore the more were seeking Him the Jews to kill because not only was He breaking the Sabbath but also Father His own He was calling - God equal Himself making to God

John 5:19
Answered therefore - Jesus and was saying to them Truly I say to you not is able the Son to do of Himself nothing if not anything He might see the Father doing whatever for - He does these things also likewise does

John 5:23
so that all may honor the Son even as they honor Father He who not is honoring not is honoring the [One] having sent Him

John 5:30
Not am able I to do of Myself nothing as I hear I judge and the judgment - of Me just is because I seek the will - of Me but of the [One] having sent Me

John 5:34
I now not from man the testimony receive but these things I say that you may be saved

John 5:38
And the word of Him not you have in you abiding for whom sent He Him you not believe

John 5:40
and not you are willing to come to Me that life you may have

John 5:41
Glory from men not I take

John 5:43
I have come in the name of the Father of Me and not you receive Me if another should come own him you will receive

John 5:44
How are able you to believe glory from one another receiving and the that [is] the only God not you seek

John 5:47
If now - his writings not you believe how My words will you believe

John 6:22
On the next day the crowd - standing on the other side of the sea having seen that boat other no was there if not one and not went with the disciples of Him Jesus into the boat but alone the disciples went away

John 6:32
Said therefore to them - Jesus Truly I say to you not Moses has given you the bread from - heaven but the Father of Me gives - TRUE

John 6:35
Said to them - Jesus I am the bread - of life the [one] coming to Me never not shall hunger and believing in no shall thirst at any time

John 6:36
But I said to you that also you have seen Me and yet not believe

John 6:37
All that gives Me the Father to Me will come and the [one] coming to Me no not shall I cast out

John 6:42
And they were saying Not this is Jesus the son of Joseph of whom we know the father the mother How then says He - From - heaven I have come down

John 6:58
This is the bread - from heaven having come down not as ate the fathers and died The [one] eating this - bread will live to the age

John 6:64
But they are of you some who not believe Knew for from [the] beginning - Jesus who are those not believing and who it is who will betray Him

John 7:1
And after these things was walking - Jesus in - Galilee not for He did desire Judea to walk because were seeking Him the Jews to kill

John 7:7
Not is able the world to hate you Me however it hates because I bear witness concerning it that the works of it evil are

John 7:10
When however had gone up the brothers of Him to the feast then also He went up not openly but as in secret

John 7:12
And murmuring about Him there was much among the crowds Some indeed were saying - Good He is Others however No but He deceives the people

John 7:19
Not Moses has given to you the law and no one of you keeps Why Me do you seek to kill

John 7:34
You will seek Me and not will find Me where am I you not are able to come

John 7:36
What is the word this that He said You will seek Me and not will find Me Where am I you not are able to come

John 7:39
This now He said concerning the Spirit whom were about to receive those having believed in Him not yet [given] for was [the] Spirit because Jesus not yet was glorified

John 8:12
Again therefore to them spoke - Jesus saying I am the light of the world the [one] following Me no not shall walk in the darkness but will have the light - of life

John 8:15
You according to the flesh judge I not am judging no one

John 8:21
He said then again to them I am going away and you will seek Me in the sin of you you will die where go you not are able to come

John 8:22
Were saying therefore the Jews Not will He kill Himself that He says Where I go you not are able to come

John 8:35
- Now the slave not abides in the house to the age the son

John 8:37
I know that seed of Abraham you are but you seek Me to kill because the word - of Me not receives a place in you

John 8:43
Because of why the speech - My not do you understand Because you are able to hear the word - My

John 8:45
I now because the truth speak not you do believe Me

John 8:46
Which of you convicts me concerning sin If [the] truth I speak because of why you not do believe Me

John 8:48
Answered the Jews and said to Him Not rightly say we that a Samaritan are You a demon have

John 8:50
I now not seek the glory of Me there is One seeking [it] and judging

John 8:51
Truly I say to you if anyone - My word keeps death never not shall he see to the age

John 8:52
Said therefore to Him the Jews Now we know that a demon You have Abraham died and prophets You say If anyone the word of Me keeps never not shall he taste of death to age

John 9:16
Were saying therefore of the Pharisees some Not is this from God the man for the Sabbath not He does keep Others however How is able a man sinful such signs to do And division there was among them

Galatians 1:16
to reveal the Son of Him in me that I might preach Him among the Gentiles immediately not I consulted with flesh and blood

Galatians 1:20
In what now I write to you behold before - God - not I lie

Galatians 2:6
Of now those esteemed to be something whatsoever formerly they were not to me makes a difference [the] person - God of a man not does accept to me for the esteemed nothing added

Galatians 2:16
knowing nevertheless that not is justified a man by works of law if not through faith Christ from Jesus even we in Christ Jesus have believed that we may be justified by from Christ and not of the Law because will be justified any flesh

Galatians 3:16
- And to Abraham were spoken the promises and to the seed of him Not it does say - to seeds as of many but of One seed of you who is Christ

Galatians 3:19
Why then the Law - Transgressions on account of it was added until that should have come the seed to whom promise has been made having been ordained through angels in [the] hand of a mediator

Galatians 4:17
They are zealous after you not rightly but to exclude you [from us] They desire so that them you might be zealous after

Galatians 4:19
Children of me of whom again I travail until that shall have been formed Christ in you

Galatians 4:27
It has been written for Rejoice O barren woman the [one] not bearing break forth and call aloud not travailing because many [are] the children of the desolate woman more than of her having the husband

Galatians 4:30
But what says the Scripture Cast out the slave woman and the son of her no for not will inherit the son of the slave woman along with the son free

Galatians 5:16
I say now by [the] Spirit walk and [the] desire [of the] flesh no not you should gratify

Galatians 5:21
envyings drunkennesses carousing and things like these as to which I forewarn you even as I warned before that those such things doing kingdom God’s not will inherit

Galatians 6:7
Not be misled God not is mocked Whatever for if might sow a man that also he will reap

Galatians 6:14
For me however never may it be to boast if in the cross of the Lord of us Jesus Christ through which to me [the] world has been crucified and I [to the] world

Revelation 13:8
And will worship it all - dwelling on the earth of whom not have been written the names of them in the book - of life of the Lamb - having been slain from [the] founding of [the] world

Revelation 13:12
And the authority of the first beast all it exercises on behalf of it causes earth those in it dwelling that they will worship the beast - first of whom had been healed the wound - fatal

Revelation 15:4
Who no not should fear [You] O Lord and will glorify the name of You For [You] alone [are] holy For all the nations will come will worship before You because righteous acts have been revealed

Revelation 16:9
And were scorched the men with heat great they cursed the name