What does λέγων mean in the Greek?

Parse: Verb, Present Participle Active, Nominative Masculine Singular
Root: G3004 (λέγω, εἴρω)
Sense: to say, to speak (more info)

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English Occurance
speaking 1
saying 166
telling 4
affirming 1
declaring 1
i tell 1
said 1
claiming 2

Verses with λέγων

Acts 1:3
to whom also He presented Himself alive after the suffering of Him with many proofs during days forty being seen by them and speaking the things concerning the kingdom - of God
Acts 10:26
- But Peter lifted up him saying Rise up also I myself a man am
Acts 11:4
Having begun now Peter he set [it] forth to them in order saying
Acts 12:7
And behold an angel of [the] Lord stood by a light shone in the cell Having struck then the side - of Peter he woke up him saying Rise up haste fell of him the chains off the hands
Acts 15:13
After now - were silent they answered James saying Men brothers hear me
Acts 16:9
And a vision during the night - to Paul appeared A man of Macedonia certain was standing beseeching him saying Having passed over into Macedonia help us
Acts 16:28
Called out however - Paul loud in a voice saying Not do to yourself harm all for we are here
Acts 19:4
Said then Paul John baptized a baptism of repentance the people telling in the [One] coming after him that they should believe that is - Jesus
Acts 19:26
And you see hear that not only in Ephesus but almost all - of Asia - Paul this having persuaded [them] has turned away a great many people saying not they are gods - by hands being made
Acts 2:40
Other and words many he earnestly testified and was exhorting them saying Be saved from the generation - perverse this
Acts 21:21
They have been informed now about you that apostasy you teach from Moses those among the Gentiles all Jews telling not to circumcise them children nor in the customs to walk
Acts 21:40
Having allowed [him] then he - Paul having stood on the stairs made a sign with the hand to the people great silence having taken place he spoke to [them] in the Hebrew language saying
Acts 22:26
Having heard then the centurion having gone to the commander he reported [it] saying What are you going to do for man this a Roman is
Acts 24:2
Having been called then of him began to accuse - Tertullus saying Great peace we are attaining through you and excellent measures are being done to the nation this - your foresight
Acts 25:14
As now many days they stayed there - Festus the king laid before the things relating to - Paul saying A man certain there is left by Felix [as] a prisoner
Acts 26:22
Help therefore having obtained - from - God unto the day this I have stood bearing witness to small both and to great nothing other saying than what the prophets said was about to happen Moses
Acts 27:10
saying to them Men I understand that with disaster and much loss not only of the cargo ship but also the lives of us is about to be the voyage
Acts 27:24
saying Not fear Paul Caesar you it behooves to stand before And behold has granted to you - God all those sailing with you
Acts 27:33
Until then that day was about to come kept urging - Paul all to partake of food saying The fourteenth today [is] day watching without eating you continue nothing having taken
Acts 28:26
saying Go to the people this and say In hearing you will hear no not understand in seeing you will see perceive
Acts 3:25
You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant that - God made with the fathers of you saying to Abraham in the seed of you will be blessed all the families earth
Acts 5:28
saying Not by a charge we commanded you not to teach in the name this And behold you have filled - Jerusalem with the teaching of you you intend to bring upon us the blood of the man this
Acts 5:36
Before for these - days rose up Theudas affirming to be somebody himself to whom were joined of men number about four hundred who was put to death and all as many as were persuaded by him were dispersed it came to nothing
Acts 8:9
A man now certain named Simon had been formerly in the city practicing sorcery and amazing the people - of Samaria declaring to be someone himself great
Acts 8:19
saying Give also to me the authority this that on whom if I may lay the hands he may receive [the] Spirit Holy
Acts 8:26
An angel now of [the] Lord spoke to Philip saying Rise up and go toward [the] south to the road - going down from Jerusalem to Gaza This is [the] desert [road]
Luke 1:63
And having asked for a writing tablet he wrote saying John is [the] name of him they marveled all
Luke 1:67
And Zechariah the father of him was filled with [the] Spirit Holy prophesied saying
Luke 10:25
And behold a lawyer certain stood up testing Him saying Teacher what having done life eternal will I inherit
Luke 11:45
Answering now one of the lawyers says to Him Teacher these things saying also us You insult
Luke 12:16
He spoke then a parable to them saying Of a man certain rich brought forth abundantly the ground
Luke 12:17
And he was reasoning within himself saying What shall I do for not I have where I will store up the fruits of me
Luke 13:27
And he will say I tell you not I do know you from where you are depart from me all [you] workers of unrighteousness
Luke 14:3
And answering - Jesus spoke to the lawyers to [the] Pharisees saying Is it lawful on the Sabbath to heal or not
Luke 14:7
He was speaking then to those having been invited a parable remarking how the first places they were choosing out saying them
Luke 15:3
He spoke then to them the parable this saying
Luke 15:6
And having come to the house he calls together the friends neighbors saying to them Rejoice with me for I have found the sheep of me the [one] having been lost
Luke 17:4
And if seven times in the day he should sin against you should return to saying I repent you shall forgive him
Luke 18:2
saying A judge certain there was in a certain city - God not fearing and man respecting
Luke 18:13
- But the tax collector afar off standing not was willing not even the eyes to lift up to - heaven but was striking the breast of himself saying - God be merciful to me the sinner
Luke 18:16
- But Jesus having called to [Him] them said Permit the little children to come to Me and not do forbid them of the for such is the kingdom - of God
Luke 18:18
And asked a certain Him ruler saying Teacher good what having done life eternal will I inherit
Luke 18:38
And he called out saying Jesus Son of David have mercy on me
Luke 19:16
Came up then the first saying Lord the mina of you ten has produced more minas
Luke 19:18
And came the second saying The mina of you Lord has made five minas
Luke 19:20
And - another came saying Lord behold the mina of you which I kept lying away in a piece of cloth
Luke 19:30
saying Go into the ahead village in which entering you will find a colt having been tied on which no one ever yet of men has sat and having untied it bring [it]
Luke 19:42
saying - If you had known in the day this even you the things for peace Now however they are hidden from eyes of you
Luke 19:46
saying to them It has been written And will be the house of Me a house of prayer You however it have made a den of robbers
Luke 22:19
And having taken [the] bread having given thanks He broke [it] gave to them saying This is the body of Me which for you is given this do in the of Me remembrance
Luke 22:20
and the cup likewise after which having supped saying This - cup [is] the new covenant in the blood of Me which for you is being poured out
Luke 22:42
saying Father if You are willing take away this - cup from Me Yet not the will of Me but - of You be done
Luke 22:57
- But he denied [it] saying Not I do know Him woman
Luke 22:59
And having elapsed about hour one other a certain strongly affirmed [it] saying Of a truth also this one with Him was for a Galilean he is
Luke 23:3
- And Pilate questioned Him saying You are the King of the Jews answering him He was saying say
Luke 23:47
Having seen now the centurion that having taken place he began glorifying - God saying Certainly man this righteous was
Luke 24:7
saying The Son - of Man - it behooves to be delivered into hands of men sinful and to be crucified the third day to arise
Luke 3:16
Answered saying [to] all - John I indeed with water baptize you comes however the [One] mightier than I of whom not I am worthy to untie the strap of the sandals of Him He will baptize with [the] Spirit Holy and with fire
Luke 4:35
And rebuked him - Jesus saying Be silent come forth out of him having thrown him the demon into the midst it came out from in nothing having hurt him
Luke 5:8
Having seen now Simon Peter fell at the knees of Jesus saying Depart from me for a man sinful am I Lord
Luke 5:12
And it came to pass in - being His one of the cities that behold a man full of leprosy having seen then - Jesus having fallen upon [his] face begged Him saying Lord if You would be willing You are able me to cleanse
Luke 5:13
And having stretched out the hand He touched him saying I am willing be you cleansed immediately the leprosy departed from
Luke 7:6
- And Jesus was going with them Already then He not far being distant from the house sent friends the centurion saying to Him Lord not trouble Yourself for worthy I am that under the roof of me You should come
Luke 7:19
And having called near two certain - disciples of him - John sent [them] to the Lord saying You are the coming [One] or another are we to look for
Luke 7:20
Having come then to Him the men said John the Baptist has sent us you saying You are coming [One] or another are we to look for
Luke 7:39
Having seen now the Pharisee the [one] having invited Him he spoke within himself saying This if He were a a prophet would have known - who and what the woman [is] who touches Him for a sinner she is
Luke 8:8
And other fell upon the soil - good having sprung up it produced fruit a hundredfold These things saying He was calling out The [one] having ears to hear let him hear
Luke 8:38
Was begging however Him the man from whom had gone the demons to be [taken] with Him He sent away him saying
Luke 8:49
Still of Him speaking comes one from the synagogue ruler saying - Has died the daughter of You no longer trouble the Teacher
Luke 8:54
He now having taken hold of the hand of her called out saying - Child arise
Luke 9:18
And it came to pass as - was He praying in solitary were with Him the disciples He questioned them saying Whom Me the crowds do pronounce to be
Luke 9:38
And behold a man from the crowd cried out saying Teacher I implore You to look upon the son of me for an only child to me he is
Mark 1:7
And he was preaching saying He comes who [is] mightier than I after me of whom not I am sufficient having stooped down to untie the strap of the sandals of Him
Mark 1:15
and saying - Has been fulfilled the time has drawn near the kingdom - of God repent believe in the gospel
Mark 1:24
saying What to us and to You Jesus of Nazareth Did You come to destroy us I know You who are the Holy [One] - of God
Mark 1:40
And comes to Him a leper imploring kneeling down to Him and saying to Him - If You are willing You are able me to cleanse
Mark 12:6
Yet one having son beloved he sent him last to them saying - They will have respect for the son of me
Mark 12:26
Concerning now the dead that they rise not have you read in the book of Moses on the bush how spoke to him - God saying I [am] the of Abraham and the of Isaac of Jacob
Mark 14:44
Had given then the [one] delivering up Him a sign to them saying Whomever - I shall kiss He is seize and lead [Him] away securely
Mark 14:60
And having stood up the high priest in the midst he questioned - Jesus saying Not answer You nothing What [is it] these You testify against
Mark 14:68
- But he denied [it] saying Neither I know nor even understand you what say And he went forth out into the porch and the rooster crowed
Mark 15:4
- And Pilate again began to question Him saying Not answer You nothing See how many things You they testify against
Mark 15:9
- But Pilate answered them saying Wish you [that] I should release to you the King of the Jews
Mark 15:36
Having run then one and having filled a sponge with vinegar having put [it] on a reed gave to drink him saying Let be let us see if comes Elijah to take down
Mark 5:23
and he begs Him much saying - The little daughter of me at the end is holding that having come You would lay the hands on her so that she might be cured she shall live
Mark 8:15
And He was instructing them saying Watch out take heed of the leaven of the Pharisees of the of Herod
Mark 8:26
And He sent him to [the] home of him saying Not into the village may you enter nor may tell [it] to anyone in the village
Mark 8:27
And went forth - Jesus the disciples of Him into the villages of Caesarea - Philippi on the way He was questioning the disciples saying to them Whom Me do pronounce - men to be
Mark 9:25
Having seen now - Jesus that was running together a crowd He rebuked the spirit - unclean saying to it - Mute and deaf spirit I command you come out of him no more may you enter into him
Matthew 1:20
These things now of him having pondered behold an angel of [the] Lord in a dream appeared to him saying Joseph son of David not you should fear to receive Mary [as] the wife of you that for in her having been conceived from [the] Spirit is Holy
Matthew 10:5
These - twelve sent forth - Jesus having instructed them saying Into [the] way of the Gentiles not go off and any city of [the] Samaritans enter
Matthew 13:3
And He spoke to them many things in parables saying Behold went out the [one] sowing - to sow
Matthew 13:24
Another parable put He before them saying Has become like the kingdom of the heavens a man having sown good seed in the field of him
Matthew 13:31
Another parable put He before them saying Like is the kingdom of the heavens to a grain of mustard which having taken a man sowed in the field of him
Matthew 14:27
Immediately now spoke - Jesus to them saying Take courage I it is not fear
Matthew 14:30
Seeing now the wind charging he was afraid and having begun to sink he cried out saying Lord save me
Matthew 15:7
Hypocrites Rightly prophesied concerning you Isaiah saying
Matthew 16:13
Having come then - Jesus into the district of Caesarea - Philippi He was questioning the disciples of Him saying Whom do pronounce - men to be the Son of man
Matthew 16:22
And having taken aside Him - Peter began to rebuke Him saying Far be it from You Lord never not will be to You this
Matthew 17:9
And [as] were descending they from the mountain instructed them - Jesus saying To no one tell the vision until that the Son - of Man out from [the] dead is risen
Matthew 17:15
and saying Lord have mercy on my - son for he is epileptic miserably suffers often for he falls into the fire water
Matthew 17:25
He says Yes And he having entered into the house anticipated him - Jesus saying What you do think Simon The kings of the earth from whom do they receive custom or tribute the sons of them - strangers
Matthew 18:26
Having fallen down therefore the servant was bowing on his knees to him saying Have patience with me and all I will pay to you
Matthew 18:28
Having gone out however the servant same found one the fellow servants of him who was owing him a hundred denarii and having seized him he was throttling [him] saying Pay if any you owe
Matthew 18:29
Having fallen down therefore the fellow servant of him was begging him saying Have patience with me and I will pay you
Matthew 2:13
Having withdrawn then of them behold an angel of [the] Lord appears in a dream - to Joseph saying Having arisen take the Child and the mother of Him flee into Egypt remain there until - I should tell you is about for Herod to seek - to destroy Him
Matthew 2:20
saying Having arisen take the Child and the mother of Him go into [the] land of Israel they have died for those seeking life of the Child
Matthew 21:2
saying to them Go into the village - in front of you and immediately you will find a donkey having been tied a colt with her having untied [them] bring [them] to Me
Matthew 21:37
Afterward then he sent to them the son of him saying They will respect son of me
Matthew 22:1
And answering - Jesus again spoke in parables to them saying
Matthew 22:4
Again he sent other servants saying Say to those having been invited Behold the dinner of me I have prepared the oxen and the fatlings have been killed all things [are] ready come to the wedding feast
Matthew 22:42
saying What you think concerning the Christ Of whom son is He They say to Him - Of David
Matthew 22:43
He says to them How then David in spirit does call Him Lord saying
Matthew 23:2
saying On - Moses’ seat have sat down the scribes and Pharisees
Matthew 25:20
And having come the [one] the five talents having received brought to [him] other saying Master talents to me you did deliver Behold more have I gained
Matthew 25:45
Then will He answer them saying Truly I say to you to the extent that not you did [it] to one of these the least neither to Me did you
Matthew 26:27
And having taken a cup having given thanks He gave [it] to them saying Drink of it all of you
Matthew 26:39
And having gone forward a little He fell upon face of Him praying saying Father of Me if possible it is let pass from Me the cup this Nevertheless not as I will but You
Matthew 26:42
Again for a second time having gone away He prayed saying Father of Me if not is possible this to pass if not it I drink be done the will of You
Matthew 26:48
The [one] then betraying Him gave them a sign saying Whomever - I shall kiss He it is seize Him
Matthew 26:65
Then the high priest tears the garments of him saying He has blasphemed why any more need have we of witnesses Behold now you have heard the blasphemy
Matthew 26:70
- And he denied before all saying Not I know what you say
Matthew 27:4
saying I sinned having betrayed blood innocent - Then they said What [is that] to us You will see
Matthew 27:11
- And Jesus stood before the governor and questioned Him the governor saying You are King of the Jews said say
Matthew 27:24
Having seen now - Pilate that nothing it availed but rather a riot is arising having taken water he washed the hands before the crowd saying Guiltless I am of the blood of this For yourselves you will see
Matthew 27:46
About then the ninth hour cried out - Jesus in a voice loud saying Eli lema sabachthani That is God of Me so that why Me have you forsaken
Matthew 28:9
as moreover they were going to tell - disciples of him And behold Jesus met them saying Greetings - And having come to [Him] they took hold of His - feet worshiped Him
Matthew 28:18
And having come to [them] - Jesus spoke to them saying Has been given to Me all authority in heaven on the earth
Matthew 3:2
and saying Repent has drawn near for the kingdom of the heavens
Matthew 3:14
- But John was hindering Him saying I need have by You to be baptized and You come to me
Matthew 5:2
And opening the mouth of Him He was teaching them saying
Matthew 7:21
Not everyone - saying to Me Lord will enter into the kingdom of the heavens but the [one] doing the will the Father of Me who [is] in the heavens
Matthew 8:2
And behold a leper having come was worshipping Him saying Lord if You are willing You are able me to cleanse
Matthew 8:3
And having stretched out the hand He touched him saying I am willing be you cleansed immediately was cleansed his - leprosy
Matthew 8:6
and saying Lord the servant of me is lying in the house paralyzed grievously tormented
Matthew 9:18
These things of Him speaking to them behold a ruler certain having come was kneeling down to Him saying - The daughter of Me presently has died but having come lay the hand of You upon her and she will live
Matthew 9:29
Then He touched the eyes of them saying According to the faith of you be it to you
Matthew 9:30
And were opened their - eyes strictly instructed them - Jesus saying See that no one knows
1 Corinthians 11:25
Likewise also the cup after - having supped saying This - cup the new covenant is in - My blood this do as often as if you might drink [it] in - of Me remembrance
1 John 2:4
The [one] saying - I have known Him and the commandments of Him not keeping a liar he is in him the truth not is
1 John 2:6
The [one] claiming in Him to abide ought just as that walk also He in the same way walked
1 John 2:9
The [one] claiming in the light to be and the brother of him hating the darkness is even until now
2 John 1:11
the [one] telling for him to rejoice partakes in the works of him - evil
John 1:15
John witnesses concerning Him and he cried out saying This was He of whom I was saying The [One] after me coming precedence over me has because before He was
John 1:26
Answered them - John saying I baptize with water but in [the] midst of you stands [One] whom you not know
John 1:32
And bore witness John saying - I have beheld the Spirit descending as a dove out of heaven it remained upon Him
John 12:23
- And Jesus answered them saying Has come the hour that should be glorified the Son - of Man
John 4:10
Answered Jesus and said to her If you had known the gift - of God who it is - saying to you Give Me to drink you - would have asked Him He would have given - water living
John 7:28
Cried out therefore in the temple teaching - Jesus and saying Me you know from where I am of Myself not I have come but is TRUE the [One] having sent Me whom you know
John 7:37
In now the last day great [day] of the feast stood - Jesus and cried out saying If anyone thirsts let him come to Me drink
John 8:12
Again therefore to them spoke - Jesus saying I am the light of the world the [one] following Me no not shall walk in the darkness but will have the light - of life
Revelation 1:17
And when I saw Him I fell at the feet of Him as though dead He placed the right hand upon me saying Not fear I am the First Last
Revelation 10:9
And I went to the angel saying to him Give me the little scroll he says to me Take eat it it will make bitter your - stomach but in the mouth of you it will be sweet as honey
Revelation 11:1
And was given to me a measuring rod like a staff saying Rise measure the temple - of God the altar those worshiping in it
Revelation 13:14
And it deceives those dwelling on the earth by reason of the signs that were given to it to perform before the beast telling those dwelling to make an image to the beast that has the wound of the sword has lived
Revelation 14:7
saying in a voice loud Fear - God and give Him glory because has come the hour of the judgment of Him worship the [One] having made heaven the earth sea springs of waters
Revelation 14:8
And another angel a second followed saying Fallen Fallen is Babylon the great who of the wine - of wrath for the immorality of her she has given to drink all the Gentiles
Revelation 14:9
And another angel a third followed them saying in a voice loud If anyone worships the beast the image of it receives a mark on the forehead of him or upon hand
Revelation 14:18
And another angel came out of the altar - having authority over fire he called in a voice loud to the [one] having the sickle - sharp saying Put forth your gather the clusters from the vine of the earth because have fully ripened the grapes of it
Revelation 17:1
And came one of the seven angels - having the seven bowls spoke with me saying Come here I will show you the punishment of the prostitute - great the [one] sitting upon waters many
Revelation 18:2
And he cried out in a mighty voice saying Fallen Fallen is Babylon the great she has become a habitation of demons a prison of every spirit unclean bird and creature unclean having been hated
Revelation 18:21
And took up one angel a mighty stone like a millstone great cast [it] into the sea saying Thus with violence will be cast down Babylon the great city no not shall be found any longer
Revelation 19:17
And I saw one angel standing in the sun he cried out a voice loud saying to all the birds - flying mid-heaven Come gather yourselves unto the supper - great - of God
Revelation 21:9
And came one of the seven angels - having the seven bowls - being full of the seven plagues - last spoke with me saying Come here I will show you the bride wife of the Lamb
Revelation 4:1
After these things I looked and behold a door was standing open in - heaven the voice - first that I heard like a trumpet was speaking with me saying Come up here I will show to you what it behooves to take place
Revelation 7:3
saying Not harm the earth nor sea the trees until we shall have sealed the servants of the God of us on the foreheads of them
Revelation 7:13
And answered one of the elders saying to me These - having been clothed with the robes - white who are they from where have they come
Romans 2:22
You saying not to commit adultery do you commit adultery abhorring - idols do you rob temples
Hebrews 10:8
Above saying - Sacrifice and offering burnt offerings [offerings] for sin not You have desired nor have You delighted in which according to [the] Law are offered
Hebrews 12:26
whose - voice the earth shook at that time now however He has promised saying Yet once [more] I will shake not only but also - heaven
Hebrews 2:6
Has testified however somewhere someone saying What is man that You are mindful of him or [the] son of man You care for him
Hebrews 2:12
saying I will declare the name of You to the brothers of Me in [the] midst of [the] congregation I will sing praises of you
Hebrews 4:7
again a certain He appoints day Today through David saying after so long a time just as it has been said if the voice of Him you shall hear not harden the hearts of you
Hebrews 6:14
saying If surely blessing I will bless you and multiplying I will multiply
Hebrews 8:11
And no not shall they teach each the neighbor of him brother saying Know Lord because all will know Me from [the] least to [the] greatest of them
Hebrews 9:20
saying This [is] the blood of the covenant which commanded unto you - God
Jude 1:14
Prophesied then also as to these [the] seventh from Adam Enoch saying Behold has come [the] Lord amidst holy [ones] myriads of His
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Greek Commentary Search

Matthew 17:25 Jesus spake first to him [προεπτασεν αυτον ο Ιησους λεγων]
Here only in the N.T. One example in a papyrus b.c. 161 (Moulton and Milligan, Vocabulary). The old idiomatic use of πτανω — phthanō with the participle survives in this example of προπτανω — prophthanō in Matthew 17:25, meaning to anticipate, to get before one in doing a thing. The Koiné uses the infinitive thus with πτανω — phthanō which has come to mean simply to arrive. Here the anticipation is made plain by the use of προ — prȯ See Robertson‘s Grammar, p. 1120. The “prevent” of the Authorized Version was the original idea of praevenire, to go before, to anticipate. Peter felt obliged to take the matter up with Jesus. But the Master had observed what was going on and spoke to Peter first. [source]
Luke 1:63 Wrote, saying [εγραπσεν λεγων]
Hebrew way of speaking (2 Kings 10:6). [source]
Luke 7:19 Saying [λεγων]
John saying by the two messengers. The message is given precisely alike in Matthew 11:3, which see note. In both we have ετερον — heteron for “another,” either a second or a different kind. In Luke 7:20 Westcott and Hort read αλλον — allon in the text, ετερον — heteron in the margin. Προσδοκωμεν — Prosdokōmen may be present indicative or present subjunctive (deliberative), the same contract form (αο ω αω ω — ao =ō aō ō). [source]
Acts 21:21 Telling them not to circumcise their children [λεγων μη περιτεμνειν αυτους τα τεκνα]
The participle λεγων — legōn agrees with “thou” (Paul), the subject of διδασκεις — didaskeis This is not indirect assertion, but indirect command, hence the negative μη — mē instead of ου — ou with the infinitive (Robertson, Grammar, p.1046). The point is not that Paul stated what the Jewish Christians in the dispersion do, but that he says that they (αυτους — autous accusative of general reference) are not to go on circumcising (περιτεμνειν — peritemnein present active infinitive) their children. Paul taught the very opposite (1 Corinthians 7:18) and had Timothy circumcised (Acts 16:3) because he was half Jew and half Greek. His own practice is stated in 1 Corinthians 9:19 (“to the Jews as a Jew”). [source]
Acts 26:22 Saying nothing but what [ουδεν εκτος λεγων ων]
“Saying nothing outside of those things which.” The ablative relative ων — hōn is attracted into the case of the unexpressed antecedent τουτων — toutōn and so ablative after εκτος — ektos (adverbial preposition common in lxx, the papyri. In N.T. here and 1 Corinthians 6:18; 1 Corinthians 15:27; 2 Corinthians 12:2.). Cf. Luke 16:29 about Moses and the prophets. [source]
Hebrews 10:8 Saying above [ανωτερον λεγων]
Christ speaking as in Hebrews 10:5. “Higher up” (ανωτερον — anōteron comparative of ανω — anō up) refers to Hebrews 10:5, Hebrews 10:6 which are quoted again. [source]
Revelation 4:1 Saying [λεγων]
Present active participle of λεγω — legō repeating the idea of λαλουσης — lalousēs but in the nominative masculine singular construed with πωνη — phōnē (feminine singular), construction according to sense because of the person behind the voice as in Revelation 11:15; Revelation 19:14. [source]
Revelation 14:7 And he saith [λεγων]
See above. [source]